Sometimes you just have to let the list go

Last night before going to bed I had made a list of all the things I wanted to do today. I didn’t do a single one. I had actually just finished getting dressed to go out and exercise when my sister called to invite me to the MoMA to see the Dali exhibit. I don’t know about you, but art trumps exercising any day in my book. So it was quick shower, dress and head out to the subway instead of the East River.

The show was great. They actually do have a lot of Dali’s work. Paintings, drawings, some sculptures, and his contributions to movies, quite a few of those actually. The exhibit mainly revolves around how he wanted to portray the dream world in all of it’s surrealism through media, and film was a perfect one to do so. Back in his time he collaborated with Bunuel, Hitchcock, and Disney. If you find yourself in midtown and like interesting art, this is a sure thing. He was quite the character.

After the MoMA we were off to find a spot to have lunch. Sophie of course voted for Pizza Maraguita and cafe (this what she calls soft-drinks), but she was vetoed. And since she quickly fell asleep for her mid afternoon nap, she didn’t protest much. We decided on Plataforma Churrascaria . I guess we were in the mood for meat, because meat we had, by the truck load. It was delicious. And dessert? Chocolate and Maracuya mousse. Delicious I tell you.

Cas left us soon after that and now just the girls, headed to 5th Avenue for some browsing. The crowds, oh my, the crowds. This is why I do not live even close to midtown. The mobs of people really get to you after a while. But we strolled, went in and out of stores, and soon enough were tired enough and went home.

It was a good day. A good outing indeed. My list? Tomorrow will be another day. Right?


6 responses to “Sometimes you just have to let the list go

  1. We have nothing that approachs a crowd around here, unless you go to an event!

  2. MoMA? Dalí? Mmmm, tomorrow will be another day indeed. 🙂

  3. buffalodickdy – here everything seems to be an event!mond – definitely right? : )

  4. Sometimes the best thing about the list is ignoring the list…good on ya, I like art exhibitions too!! x

  5. Wow. Dalí. Now I’m envious!!

  6. the sarjent – : )not so little woman – It is worth the visit.

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