The things a burger brings

I woke up this morning with a hamburger craving. I think it was those millions of hamburger pictures I saw when I pulled up the sleamless web site this morning. Which, if you haven’t checked out yet, you should, it’s very easy to find restaurants that deliver to you and see what they offer. Anyway, this morning it was all about burgers, I think it was mainly because it was too early to find any other restaurant, other than a diner, open at 10:00 am.

By the time dinner came around I still had my burger craving. I think I had been savoring it all day. I called Mike, who had said he might be willing to join in later in the day, but there was no response. It was raining, I didn’t actually have anyone to go with, but I guess either the having been home all day or the mega craving I had kicked in, and I went anyway. I told myself, yeah it’s raining, so what, I’m not made of sugar, now am I? Which is what I always tell myself when I have to go out in the rain. Although, given the amount of sugar I have consumed in my life and the one yet to come, I see how some people would be inclined to believe so.

So off I went to check out a diner on York and 91st street by which I pass by every time I go for my East River walk. I always had wanted to eat there for some reason. It looks so quaint and cute for a diner, but I guess that’s the whole UES effect. Anyhow, off I went and got a table for one. I think this is the first time ever I have sat by myself in a restaurant and have ordered food just for me, not that bad of an experience if you ask me. Until the big group of people eating left the establishment and left me to eat alone in my table right next to a couple who I thought were having a romantic simple dinner out. Wrong.

I was enjoying my book of late, Names my sister call me, by Megan Crane, when they brought my well done cheeseburger and fries. I was in heaven. And then I heard “We need to talk about what happened in the engagement party. We definitely will have a conversation about that.” Coming form the guy at the next table.

Apparently something had happened he deemed worthy of an apology, which she claimed she couldn’t provide at that specific moment because of knots in her stomach. I don’t blame her, if I was having that discussion right after dinner, I wouldn’t be able to utter a word because of the stomachs pains I would find myself in.

They went on and on. At some point he said “It’s all this Christian thing, because all sins are absolved, they are never taken seriously and no apology is expected”. He played the religious card which made me hate him right then and there. I felt for her. The guy was very aggressive. He didn’t let her finish her sentences. She looked crushed. She obviously (because of what she said) didn’t agree with him, was apologetic, but also had concerns/complaints of her own.

I was truly grateful to be by myself. If that was the alternative, no thank you! I thought “and she’s going to have children with that man?” I could just see it, if it had been me, I would have taken off that engagement ring quicker that you can say “there!” and had tossed it across the table and left. But then I thought, lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re just very stressed about the whole engagement/wedding thing, maybe there’s some tension there and this is a rare situation. And then the kicker came, they get up to leave and she says “You know, I’m getting tired of this shit every night.”

I flipped! Every night?! You got to be kidding me? Who can live like that? Apparently they can, because once they were out the door he put his arm around her and they took off, cozy, under their umbrella.

I don’t know, call me rosie, but I rather in a million years be by myself, single, eating in a table for one, than with a guy like that. They left, I finished my meal, with no stomach aches to accompany it, and headed home a little astonished, but with a smile, and glad that wasn’t me.


8 responses to “The things a burger brings

  1. That would have made me crazy too! You are much better off by yourself and waiting for a guy who will genuinely appreciate all of your wonderful qualities.

  2. Once, and only once, I got between a couple that were arguing so bad I was sure it was going to go physical any second… They stopped fighting each other, so they could both chew on my ass! You never know what games people play- and some of them thrive on it!

  3. That is horrid. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll walk out on him. I’m an optimist

  4. jaclyn – yep, I agree. Who needs that kind of attention anyway?buffalodickdy – oh no, there’s way no way on earth I was getting in the middle of that. I was scared of that guy!thenextfish – maybe, lets hope. But I have a feeling they just worked that way.

  5. wowzers… isn’t that a bizarre situation to be in? that’s why I’m ALWAYS worried about people around me listening to my conversations. Although, mine are a little more on the “naughty” side and not “overbearing man” side. 🙂

  6. The drama of other people = so much better than any soap opera.

  7. Man, I was all hungry for a cheeseburger (I’m totally craving one too) and now I’m all I LOVES MY HUSBAND YES I DO.

  8. pinkpiddypaws – ah but overhearing naughty conversations is always fun ; )molly – oh so true.moosh in indy – you should love him dearly. Good men are hard to find that’s for sure.

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