Guess who got her first bike?

Yep, you guessed it, Sophie! Sophie had wanted a bike, a “pink” bike, mind you, for quite some time now. My sis and B.I.L had all the perfect reasons to not get her one: not enough place to store it, she would not use it when they all when out (she has a seat attached to B.I.L’s bike), she already has a scooter, etc, etc.

Well my parents and I thought this was outrageous. How could a little girl be denied a bike? Who are these people? (Liz, Cas, I love you guys, but this was borderline cruel). Who in their right mind does this to a child? Not us, certainly, not us. And as you can see we are not ones to stand by and just observe, we are doers. So my mom sent me out on a mission: buy Sophie a bike, a “pink” bike.

Last Sunday I got some one-on-one time with the Soph and we were off, bike shopping. At the store she tried a few and the 12″ one seem to be the right fit. We chose one and they took it off to the mechanics to get checked up. While we waited for it Sophie looked at the bike and then at me, pointing to the bike saying “That’s my bike”. “I’m so happy. That’s my bike.” With the biggest smile you have ever seen. Check her out.

At the bike store

Trying the new bike on the street

“Oh, I’m so happy. Gracias Coco!”

Wouldn’t you say this bike was not only totally worth it, but even necessary?

Note: Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. Again, all I had was my cell phone camera.


9 responses to “Guess who got her first bike?

  1. A very proud little girl!

  2. Okay… here’s my question.. How much trouble did you get into with the sis and B.I.L for getting Sophie something that they had already said no to?Moving right along — she looks SO cute on that bike and so happy! 🙂 You are an awesome Aunt!

  3. She seems very happy. You’re a good Aunt.

  4. How cute! She looks so happy! Good job, Jen!

  5. buffalodickdy – very proud indeed! : )pinkypiddypaws – Well, you know, I think they knew it was coming no matter what they thought. We were really appalled at the idea that they were actually not going to get it for her. So there was no major drama, besides she was so happy, a smile from her is all it takes. mike – she was over the moon! Thanks : )joe – Doesn’t she? yep, I’d say it was worth it.

  6. I can’t wait to be that kind of auntie one day. 🙂

  7. nilsa s. – I’m sure you will be : )justrun – 🙂 indeed.

  8. This is great info to know.

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