A perfect summer day

Yesterday was the perfect summer day and I spent it the best way one can. Sophie and I were off to Long Beach for the day. We went down to Penn Station, hopped on the LIRR and in an hour or so were at the beach!

On the LIRR

Long Beach here we are!

We played. Sophie loves the sand.

The place was great, not too crowded, in fact there weren’t a lot of people there at all.

I got a little down time.

And then it was back to play some more.

And of course pizza “maraguita” (as Sophie calls it) for lunch.

It was a good day!

Note: pics of me are compliments of Sophie.


14 responses to “A perfect summer day

  1. Looks like you two had a lot of fun. Long Beach is where I stay when I come up to visit my son.

  2. very cool and great that it wasn’t that crowded!!!!

  3. Awww, that does look like the perfect outing. I need a day at the beach. Thanks for letting me live vicariously for a few moments!

  4. ¡¡Por favor!!Yo también quiero comer pizza maraguitaaaaaaaaaa. :)Y tomar sol, y pasarla chévere contigo, Jen.Promess que un año, nos vamos en bikini a Long Beach, ¿vale?

  5. mike – really? How cool. Do you guys go to the beach a lot?pinkpiddypaws – it was perfect!nilsa s. – it was a pretty special day for both of us. I’m glad you could enjoy it too : )labani – pero porsupuestation. Vengase para aca y aqui vamos a playear con bikini incluido!

  6. A little kid at the beach is almost always having fun!

  7. buffalodickdy – it sure seems that way, although big kids have fun too ; )

  8. awww isn’t she the cutest? You got your beach bod out too, congrats on the weight loss. I’m too scared to get mine out this year….yet! xx

  9. Sophie is incredibly gorgeous! Yay for relaxed sun-filled weekends.

  10. Too adorable!Hey, I ride the LIRR every day and I never look that happy. Perhaps I should start bringing snacks or something.

  11. Que rico la Sophie disfrutando un dia de playa con la tia.!!!!ahh nosotros estuvimos en LI tambien con los ni~os. Salimos el viernes en la noche y pasamos el dia sabado bajo el sol en Lido Beach.. rico el dia y regresamos con calmita el domingo…. Estabamos cerquita mujer!!!… 😛

  12. What beautiful pictures! I love going to Long Beach.I hope you don’t mind – I found you from Nilsa’s blog. I just loved her last post on spirituality, and after I read your comment I couldn’t help but get in touch. I would love to hear some of your stories! Can’t wait to check out more of your blog!-Marissa

  13. sun, sand, pizza?! sounds perfect. sophie is so adorable!

  14. the sarjent – she is adorable! Or at least I tend to think so ; ) Oh, come on, get that bod out there, there’s no better time than now!thenextfish – thank you : ) Yay indeed.joe – : ) thanks! Yeah, it’s either the snacks of the little princess dolls, take your pick ; )meibell – si vale, estabamos cerquita! Me encanto esa playa, limpiecita y poca gente. Sophie la gozo! Me imagino como habran disfrutado Maya y Diego. marissa – Hi Marissa, welcome to my blog. You know after reading Nilsa’s post on spirituality it got me thinking of writing my own stories. I might just get on that soon. If you’re interested in that topic I have a website designed especially for my spiritual “stuff”, check it out, you might find it interesting. http://www.freewebs.com/jen_mata/pinknest – it was perfect. Thanks! We tend to think so too, but then we’re a bit biased ; )

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