Update: Fun

I’ve been up to fun stuff lately. My friend Sandra came over Thursday afternoon and we lounged by the pool. There’s a swimming pool in the roof deck of my building and even though I have lived here for over 3 years I’ve only been then a whole whooping three times. Yep, lame, I know. But the pool and especially the deck, where one can lay to catch some rays, is really great, so if you guys want to stop by I would love to share some sun bathing, pool soaking, NYC viewing time with you.

On Friday, Nick was off to Venezuela to spend sometime with my parents, the cousins and pretty much the entire family who is extremely excited to have him for a few weeks. I went with Sophie and my sister to the airport to drop him off. Sophie will/is having a hard time, the poor thing. She asks to go to “casa de Coco” (my mom’s place) every other day, and yet Nick is the one who gets to go, while she’s left behind in NY, not fair. But there’s no way a 3 year old can travel by herself internationally, while Nick with his very mature 9 years has been doing it for a while now.

After Nick was gone we were off to the East Village to eat some Venezuelan food. We had to wait for our table so we roamed, the East Village is such an interesting place. We ended at the park so that Sophie could play for a while. We went to Caracas Arepa Bar to have some tequenos, arepas, jugos de parchita y papelon con limon, and to top it all off we had a couple obleas. I think Sophie had fun, we all needed a pick me upper that night.

Sophie and Liz slept over at my place and we got to hang out a bit more. Saturday was a rainy day so we made indoor plans. We had lunch at Dinosaur in Harlem, delicious, and then we were off to Garden State Plaza Mall in NJ for some shopping fun. What else is there to do with a rainy day, huh? It was just us girls and we were out there, in very girlie fashion, until they threw us out of the place.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I had to patch up a fall out from last week and went to do so bearing gifts and an apology, which didn’t quite come out as I wanted it to. At least I did what I thought was right and got a little practice in humbleness. After that, with no clear plan set, I was off to walk, roam NYC. I ended going to my favorite place in this city, the one that always makes me feel better: Central Park. I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to settle for my cell phone camera, which isn’t up to par, but then, it was this or nothing. Take a look.

The fountain and the lake boats from the boat house

A cute little bridge, one of the many which can be found in CP

The lake with the little sail boats. Here I sat for about half and hour and just contemplated. It was a beautiful sight and I was just soaking everything in. I kept on walking, not quite knowing what I would do next. I ended up a little hungry in front of the Met. So I had a hot dog and water and headed into the museum.

I finally saw the Jeff Koons exhibit on the roof top of the Met. It has been there for a while I wanted to go and for some reason or the other I hadn’t. It was pretty nice.

I also got to see the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit. “Super” interesting ; ) No, really it’s pretty cool. Did you know Superman (my favorite) was the first superhero ever created back in 1938?

So there, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, oh yeah and work, work and a little more work, but I’ll update you guys on that later. Hope you had a great weekend too.


11 responses to “Update: Fun

  1. hee..hee… a balloon doggie as “art” that’s just too funny!Actually, the superhero exhibit sounds absolutely freaking cool! Glad you are having some fun!

  2. ¡Qué lindo Jen! Me encanta cuando platicas de tus sobris y de NYC, me llevas a lugares que amo. Gracias.

  3. That sounds so cool – you’ve made me long for a trip to NYC. Love the sculptures.

  4. did you have cocktails on the rooftop?! that’s a gorgeous spot to partake in martinis and mojitos.

  5. What a great day to be spontaneous! That’s my kind of day!

  6. Glad to hear you’re having fun!

  7. “so if you guys want to stop by I would love to share some sun bathing, pool soaking, NYC viewing time with you.”You’re so lucky! Coming from a girl who has never been in a building higher than 4 floors I’m dying to go up a big building. I’ve flown in planes, but never been in a tall building. A pool at the top would make it even better!

  8. pinkpiddypaws – it was way cool. I’m sure you would like it.mond – que chevere que lo puedes vivir a traves de mis posts. Cuando vienes???thenextfish – you should come. It’s beautiful right now. pinknest – I didn’t have any drinks, it was only around 1: 00 pm, so it was just art for me. nilsa s. – and it was a great one!buffalodickdy – : ) thanks!weekends off – You should come visit!

  9. wow, I am so there if I ever make i to NYC. I love swimming, tall buildings AND pools. x

  10. Hopefully for Thanksgiving…

  11. the sarjent – you are most welcome whenever you want!mond – yay!!! : )

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