: )

I’ve been MIA, I know, sorry. I will be back soon, promise. For now, just wanted to let you know, I’m 119 and wearing my skinny jeans!!!! Can I hear a yay? : )


8 responses to “: )

  1. ¡Hurra! En español para que no te aburras de los “yay”.

  2. Hooray for your accomplishments! You serve as my inspiration!

  3. definite yay! And I hope you continue to sort all that internal thinking out…

  4. mond – gracias Ing! : )nilsa s. – thank you! It’s really just a bit of will power and determination… at least for me that’s what it takes. Keep your eye on the goal and you’ll be fine. the sarjent – thanks! I’m working on it ; )

  5. that’s awesome!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Good for you! When I read happy, it makes me happy!

  7. oinkpiddypaws – thanks! : )buffalodickdy – : ) and happy is always good!jason – thanks! : )

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