Of reading and writing

I’ve completely dropped the ball on blogging. Not necessarily because nothing of writing relevance has happened, because things happen daily. It isn’t writer’s block either, because writing seems to be the best way I know to sort things out and vent. I am writing, I’m just not blogging.

I guess I just don’t feel like sorting out and venting in front of the whole world. Apparently, I need to clear stuff within first to then be able to share… but after all my previous posting of very personal stuff, who would have guessed, right?

Don’t you guys worry now. It’s not bad stuff, at least not all of it. In fact it started being very good stuff and somehow I’ve navigated to unpleasant territory. Again, don’t you worry, things will be sorted out. In the mean time, let me tell you of these books I’ve been reading for summer fun.

Emily Giffin’s new book is quite interesting, in fact I really liked it. Not necessarily because it’s incredibly well written or a literary master piece, but more so because I completely identified with the main character Ellen, and once you can see yourself in a book, you’re hooked. The plot is kind of straightforward: woman is dumped by ex boyfriend, woman suffers, woman meets new incredible guy, woman gets married and is in bliss, ex boyfriend reappears, woman is very confused. But what I liked about it, what made me ponder, was the whole concept of what love is. The never answered questions come up. Is it a feeling that overwhelms us with passion, or is it a conscious decision we make? Are we happier with soothing, comfort and caring, or is happy heart fluttered, stomach drops, and ultimate suspense? Do we go for the hot, bad guy who gives us goose bumps? Or do we retreat with Mr. nice, sweet, loving guy? It’s something to think about I tell you.

English as a second language was actually published in 2004, so some of you have probably read it already. I came across it recommended in someone’s blog (sorry, I can’t remember now who it was). I thought a girl going abroad to pursue graduate studies sounded right up my alley (are we talking about me?), so it must be of some interest to me, right? I have to say, it’s hilarious. It had me laughing out loud. Interestingly enough I didn’t quite identify with the main charater Alex, but the whole “falling into academia by accident” and the remindind herself constantly that this is not her life, that her life is not defined by what she’s doing now, and that this is all temporary, just hit home with me. Plus did I say laughing out loud? It’s very funny.

This one I just got in the mail today, and have only read one chapter, so can’t say much of it yet. It does seem promising though. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it, as well as a couple others I have on the way.

So that’s my non-academic reading list for these past weeks. What are you reading lately? Any recommendations?


6 responses to “Of reading and writing

  1. Well — I hope whatever it is (good or bad) is worked out so that you are happy, most of all. :)THANKS for the book reviews. I needed to hit the bookstore before Rangers surgery and this was perfect timing. I’m totally going to pick up the Emily Griffin book!!

  2. Glad to see you are alive and well! Just cause we’ve never met, doesn’t mean we don’t care about you…

  3. I am reading Moose by Stephanie Klein. I met her at BlogHer. But I am also reading three other books. It’s no wonder I am not actually finishing any of them, huh?

  4. pinkpiddypaws – thanks you! It’s nothing major really, just me thinking a bit too much. Hope you like the book and that Ranger recovers soon as well. buffalodickdy – ah thanks! : )sizzle – I’ll check it out, is it good? I’m the same way. Seem to have 4 going on at the same time.

  5. I’m reading “The Last Lecture” and “When You Are Engulfed in Flames”…both of which I’d highly recommend.

  6. joe – I’ll have to check them out.

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