Coney Island

I have lived in NYC for a total of 7.5 years and had never made it to Coney Island. I was dying to go to the beach, and even though I had bought a new bikini some weeks back, I hadn’t manage to get organized enough to head out to the sand and sun, until this Friday. It was the perfect sunny weather we had been waiting for, so my mom and I got on the Q train and headed out to the beach!

Our fist stop, since we arrived close to noon and were starved, was Nathan’s for some good old fashion hot dogs and drinks. We also had some chicken fingers and corn on the cob, yum!

We took our food to go and sat on a bench on the board walk.

Lunch is best had when one has a view, and this was ours.

We had to pose

Once the tummy was full, we headed to the sand to spread out and relax.

The water was a bit too cold for these tropical Caribbean girls from Venezuela, but we did go soak our feet in the shore. The view from there was quite nice too.

It was quite crowded, can’t imagine what it’s like on the weekends. Yet, the water was clean and the view was very relaxing and beautiful.

After many hours of sun, conversation, and blanking of the mind (de-stressing was key here), we started getting chilly, so we headed back, not before walking along the board walk some more, to explore bars, stores and games.

It was a great day and Coney Island, highly recommended! (although it really isn’t an island, it’s more of a peninsula, which is attached to main land… but hey, it’s just a name, right?)


12 responses to “Coney Island

  1. That looks beautiful! Coney Is. is definitely going to be included in my next trip to NYC.

  2. It’s fun, and you are lucky that the construction didn’t start and the park is open again this year. We went last year, when we thought it was the last. We had a great time, but I got whiplash on the rollercoaster!

  3. OMG – the weather looks fabulous! What a great way to make new discoveries! And for the record, I’ve been visiting NY at least once a year for over a decade and have yet to make it to Coney Island myself. Sigh.

  4. the next fish – you should definitely go, it’s so worth it!not so little woman – I have to go again to go on the rides, this was purely a beach day (my mom is so not a roller coaster person).mond – vente!!nilsa s. – well, next time you come, you have to go. It’s a great place to visit and get the NY feel.

  5. Hey Jen,Thanks for these photos of Coney Island – I am in love with all things NYC 🙂

  6. How fun!I am so ready for a beach trip now!

  7. ¡¡que guapas!!:)Te va bien el rojo, definitivo, chevere.:)

  8. Happy you got to stop at Nathans. Can’t say you went to Coney Island without having one of their hotdogs. You look great. All your hard work really paid off.

  9. Jen!!! Nada como un buen bikini para animarse con el se*or mar!Me gustaron mucho las fotos, siempre es lindo viajar en otros ojos!Un abrazo!

  10. beth – you’re welcome. You must come then!justrun – oh most definitely should go!!!labani – gracias, gracias ; )mike – so true, I was dreaming with the hot dog actually ; ) Thank you! I am pretty happy with the results. nunu – la verdad es que un bikini es un super motivador! ; ) Pues cuando estes por estos lares vamos juntas, si?

  11. Hola Jen que lindo paseo…Se parece mucho al puerto de Santa Monica,que rico que lo disfrutaste con tu mami…;)

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