MM: “I’m leaving these beers at your place.”

Me: “I always seem to have beer in my fridge and yet I don’t drink beer.”

MM: “That just might be why you always have some.”

Me: : )


6 responses to “Duh

  1. And that also might be why others have no problem leaving their beer with you. Cuz they know you won’t drink it. Ha. Have a happy 4th!

  2. Te pareces a mi, pero yo sí me la tomo de vez en vez (como una vez al mes). No las tengo en el refri, sólo ahí por si acaso.

  3. Jajaja. That is great. I think I’m a bit like you on that. Beer is safe with me. Wine… Not so much.

  4. I like both beer and wine, although beer I usually mix with 7-up for the very british shandy. Right now nothing is safe in my fridge!! x

  5. ha..ha..ha.. Actually, I told Ranger, yesterday, that he had to stay friends with me because he still has a 12 pack of beer in my fridge. Coors Light.. blech! I won’t drink that. 🙂 He laughed and said he “could do that”.

  6. nilsa s. – true, very true ; )mond – yo ni una vez al mes, no me gusta el sabor para nada : (not so little woman – yep, I’m with you. Beer? no thank you. Wine? Yes, please!the sarjent – British shandy huh? That sounds like a way i might be able to drink beer, need to try it!pinkpiddypaws – I bet he could! ; )

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