Viva España!!!

Sunday was futbol day. The final between Germany and Spain was to be watched. We went to Sol y Sombra in the UWS for food, drinks, and of course futbol!

There was a mixed crowd, but mainly Spain fans (sorry Germany, you’re a great team and do love you, but there’s something called the calling of blood which I just can’t go against).

And of course, us.

The first and only goal was celebrated by all!

Wouldn’t you cheer for Spain with a face like this?

Or this?

We cheered, we ate, we posed.

And when we won…

We celebrated!

Yay! Viva España!!!

Told you we would win!


6 responses to “Viva España!!!

  1. Is your facebook the new hair ‘do shot??

  2. sizzle – yep! that’s the new me!

  3. Given my love affair with Spain, I was happy they won, too! Great (only) shot, no?!

  4. nilsa s. – yep, just that one shot, it was all we needed to win. Yay!

  5. Bravo!!Todos con España…!:D

  6. clau – bravisimo!!

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