A little bit of everything and meeting the family

These past weeks have been filled with shopping with my mom, eating out, watching futbol (the Spain-Italy game last Sunday was one of the most stressful games I’ve seen so far, and we won!!!!), attending class, some work, some exercising, and going out.

Last week started out with me meeting up with some girlfriends after class to finally go see Sex and the City. It was good, I liked it, although I did feel the script was a little weak at times, and could have had a bit more punch to it, as the show did. I particularly enjoyed the whole forgiveness theme, since I’m walking down that path lately, or at least trying my best.

Tuesday, was the shopping marathon with my mom which gave some very good results in terms of new summer attire. Wednesday, work, class and the Spain-Greece game… we (Spain) won 2-1, so all good in the futbol front. Thursday, was another interesting futbol game day because Germany was playing Portugal. My mom, being of Portuguese decent was of course rooting for her team, me being loyal to technique, drive, discipline, and perseverance was rooting for my all time favorite, Germany. Germany won, Portugal went home. It was a great game, both teams fought to the end and even though the score ended being 3-2, Portugal played to win.

That night I was meeting nice, cute guy #1, which will, as of now, be known as MM (there aren’t other cute, nice guys around, so I thought it was time to give up the numbering already), for drinks at Kion. A group of friends of mine were organizing a Passion Mix Party in which there was going to be a DJ, the launching of Soto & Torres‘ new handbag collection and some other thing, that for the life of me, I can’t remember now. We got there at 9, that’s what the invitation said, but I should have known that being a Venezuelan organized event, it would not start anywhere before 11. So we went to a nearby bar and had a couple of drinks while we updated one another as to our recent whereabouts. It was great. I had realized before that we hadn’t spent a lot of time talking to each other during our past dates and was glad we were making up for it now. We headed back to Kion and met up with some of my friends. My BIL was there too, totally by chance, so we hung out with him as well. I had two more Cosmos, a mistake that I regretted greatly not only the next day, but up until Saturday, when I was still a bit out of sorts. Apparently, drinking on an empty stomach isn’t wise, who knew? Either that, or I just can’t hold my liquor as well as I use to… who am I kidding? I’ve never held liquor that great to begin with. Anyhow, MM was a saint and took care of me very kindly, for which I am very much grateful, a bit embarrassed, and would have totally understood if he had bailed to never be seen again after that.

Friday, was completely wasted by me laying in bed, trying to get some food down, which didn’t happen until around 7-8 at night, and recovering my strength. No more drinking I swore, no more! (yeah, right!). The weekend went by with my mom and my sister and her combo. My mom cooked polenta on Saturday and we had a good family style spread for lunch. And then some roaming in the UWS, Barnes & Noble, Levain Bakery, you know, the usual. Sunday, was game watching day, so we met at my place and watched the best game so far, between Spain and Italy. They were 0-0 to the very end, they went to extra time, and then penalty kicks!!! It was nail bitting all the way, and we (Spain) won!!!!! You could hear the yelling 3 blocks away, I’m sure. Then ice cream and park for Sophie, who napped all through the game, with the sporadic waking up to a few crazy, jumping, yelling ladies.

This week started with a walk down the East River, work, class and then meeting up with a friend for drinks at The Bentley Hotel’s rooftop, to which I had never been. The view is very nice and the atmosphere calm and serene, perfect for a Monday night. Yesterday, was the NY Philharmonic in the Park. It was packed! I got there early and met with Mark and Jane to set up camp and save space for our group. People started arriving, and food and drinks started popping up. Liz and her combo made it later on, but it was too dark for pictures then. My mom also made it and MM as well.

We could barely see the stage and the music was not really audible, which was a shame. Mental note for next time: sit closer to stage! But I know what you’re really wondering and thinking this minute (I can read minds, sometimes) “MM met your family?!”. Well, yes. Unplanned, unintentionally actually, but yes, they all met. I love that it was very relaxed, non stressed and uncomplicated, as it should be. You see, in Venezuela your parents and family know the person your dating right off the bat, the first night they go pick you up, so it’s not a big deal at all. No formal introductions, no high expectations, nothing, just another friend which might hang around for years to come, or not, no big deal. Here, the story is very different, because families usually are far away, and meeting them seems to be a big event, thus people take it as a some sort of stepping stone in a relationship: only the serious ones are deemed worthy of meeting the parents. So when I learned my entire family was going to be as this event, for which I had invited MM as a friend-gathering, I was a little weary. MM turns out to be a very relaxed and light, just go with the flow, happy fellow, so it all happened without a glitch, as I tend to like events. So, you see, things are good, rolling along, non stressful. Well, that is if you count out these futbol games, which are making me want to nibble on my fingernails! Are you watching? Go Germany!!!


6 responses to “A little bit of everything and meeting the family

  1. What a great, upbeat post! And I’m right there with ya on letting the boys meet the parents in a low-pressure situation. For me, because my parents live many states away, if they were ever in town and I was dating someone, I usually let both sides meet. Not as a step in the relationship. More as in, you are all important to me in the here and now. Let’s enjoy each other’s company.

  2. You’re just a “Soccer Mom” waiting to happen! The difference will be you actually will know what your kid is doing out on the field!

  3. Me encanta leerte porque es como probar un poco de NY. Que rico el picnic y la filarmónica… no importa que no se escuche perfecto, es viajar en el tiempo con los que queremos… como August Rush.

  4. Ah, if only all meet-the-family situations were so relaxed!I’ve never held the drinkies that well either, but now I blame my age. Another great thing about getting older. 🙂

  5. Qué bien que hayas tenido una semana tan linda. Y que MM no se haya estresado con la familia. 🙂

  6. Wow..wow…WOW!! What an action packed, fun filled, happy, hung over time! ha..ha.ha..Sounds great to me (not the hang over though..) Hmmm… this “Cosmo” sounds good, perhaps I should try one? Although, I’m addicted to Mojitos right now! ;)Sex in the City was way better than I thought and the emotions portrayed in several of the scenes — the street/limo scene and the “poughkeepsie” scene really had me caught up in the moment. And I like the fact that the ladies of the show seemed to learn some lessons.. well earned lessons no less.

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