Gotta Give

I’ve been constantly seeing the number 33 everywhere for quite some time now, years to be more precise, and have searched high and low for it’s significance. Today I bumped into this on this site.

33, 33.6, 33/33, etc.
The number 33, in the context of repeating numbers, represents generosity, the act of giving. You have something to give, but you are holding on. The thing you have to offer is not material. It is knowledge, faith, wisdom, love, or one of the many other qualities of the heart and mind. Look around you. Look inside. What is it that you have to offer? Because something is asking you to surrender to the act of giving. And your happiness depends on it.

I guess I could give much more than I do, open myself up to people around me and just give. I do tend to mind my own business a lot, I don’t strike up conversations with random people and keep pretty closed off from strangers. NYC is the perfect place though to make random friends as one is surrounded by people ALL THE TIME. But then how is one to know how others will react when one reaches out? We have our share of crazies here too. I guess I could just try and see what happens. I know I need to give more, not only to those close to me whom I love and care for, but also to people in general. I also know that interacting with others more will be beneficial for both of us, that’s what community is all about helping, giving, sharing. So here I go, gotta give, wish me luck!

If you have any pointers, I would highly appreciate them. Do you give a lot? How do you practice the act of giving? How have people responded to your “gifts” in the past?


5 responses to “Gotta Give

  1. I think I give a lot, but I probably need to work more on accepting what others try to give me.That said, I tend to do it with only those that I know well. I’m not sure if I’m extroverted enough to strike up conversations with strangers. I’ll be interested to hear about how this goes for you.

  2. I think I am pretty open to this most of the time. But sometimes, like lately, I’ll catch myself just being in my own little world and something will come along and knock me out of that. It’s usually when I’m having a bad day/week, so as to say that it’s usually temporary.I’m much better at being open when I’m not at home (out of town)– I talk to strangers, meet friends, etc. Which is silly because where am I most the time? Here. So why shouldn’t I be that way the majority of the time? I’m working on it.

  3. I don’t say no to alot of people when asked to help. In fact, I seldom consider refusing to help someone- I figure they asked, they must need me…

  4. I’m constantly chatting up strangers! It’s so easy because we always find ourselves in situations that share common issues, etc. Standing in a long line at the grocery? Chat up the person behind me about how I should have brought my book! ha..ha..Braves game?? Hey, can you believe he just tanked that catch?and so on and so forth. Some folks reciprocate in kind and some are just buttheads.. it’s all luck of the draw.Have fun!!!!! Being a people person can be really wild. 🙂

  5. Hey, I hear ya too. I usually go around with my headphones on savouring my own little world, and then wonder why I haven’t met more lovely men!! WHEN I’ve just gone out and not bothered about looking cool, or chatted to people because I have been a bit tipsy or whatever, you almost always get a good reaction. It is hard though and brave, unless I’m tipsy and had a bit of the dutch courage, I always find it really hard. Yet with my friends I’m the most chatty ever….go figure!x

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