Down to the bone

I feel like I haven’t written in ages, but really last Sunday, only 3 days ago, was the last time I posted, and that’s not so bad. The thing is that I have been doing quite a lot, which makes it feel like two or three days past by when it was only one. Have you ever had that feeling? You do so much in just one day that when night comes and you recall the morning activities it seems like that was done the day before, well, that seems to be happening to me every day this week.

Yesterday for example, I took the day off. I spent the day with my mom and went to do what mother-daughter teams do best, shop! We started the day with a power walk down the East River, for some much needed exercise, then shower, breakfast and off to 34th street. We walked down all of 34th St, going in and out every shop that looked appealing, and of course stayed a little longer in those which had sales. I do love a good bargain! We had lunch there too. Found a spot I’d never been in before, with one of those lunch buffet with tons of choices. It was yummy and refueled us, managing to sustain us for about 3.5 hours more after that.

The shopping spree resulted in pants, 3 tops, 2 nighties, and socks for my mom. And 3 tops, a nightie and a bikini for me. We were happy campers. Now, I just have to get myself to the beach soon and all will be good. Oh, I know what your thinking “bikini, huh?”, well yes. On the diet front I am now weighing 123.5 lbs, that is 13 lbs less than what I started with 2 months ago. I am kicking this fatness’ butt! I still have a few more lbs to go, but all my size 4 pants (which I hadn’t been able to fit into last summer) fit me perfectly now, so I am very happy.

Anyhow, to continue with yesterday, after shopping we went over to my sister’s to take care of Sophie. My sis, Nick, and the B.I.L. had an appointment and we were to look after Sophie for a while. We ended taking her to the playground for a few hours for her to climb, slide, and swing from everywhere possible. We had dinner there and my mom then stayed at my sis’ over night. I bused it back home, exhausted as you can possibly imagine. And when I laid in bed and thought of the East River walk, it seemed to have happened at least two days prior. Either that, or I really did squeeze this day to its bones.


9 responses to “Down to the bone

  1. Me recordaste cuando fui shopping con mi Má allá en NJ. Disfruta.

  2. Sounded like a busy, but fun day!

  3. I’m going to guess most people will be exhausted just thinking about your day. But, me? That’s EXACTLY the kind of day I’d have if my mom were in town. Go go go until you can’t go anymore. Love your recap!

  4. eso suena como un día ocupado y MUY divertido!¿Cuánto mides? digo, estamos hablando de que eres talla 4 y pesas 56 kilos/123.5lb… ¿¿y necesitas dieta?? ¡¿dónde nos dejas a mi talla 8 y 60 kilos/132lb?!Vas muy bien =)

  5. mond – : ) Ing, vente! Nos hacer falta.buffalodickdy – it was both!nilsa s. – : ) yep, go go go and all fun fun fun!lau – mido 1.63 cms o 5.4″. Bueno ahorita estoy bien, solo me quedan como 3 lbs por bajar para llegar a mi meta. Pero hace dos meses estaba en 136 lbs, es decir, pasada de gordita!!!

  6. Yay for shopping!

  7. ahhh….shopping with mom. isn’t it the best thing?

  8. Maybe the shopping exercise is also helping you to shed those pounds! Go Jen..

  9. justrun – double yay!pinknest – it sure is!the sarjent – I’m sure it is, I need to do more of it!

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