Slow week, bad game, good date

I’m watching the Germany-Croatia game, and I can’t begin to describe my disappointment. I missed Germany’s first game of the cup and was so exciting about being able to see this one, and it has been terrible. 0-2, now, really?*

Anyhow, this week has been kind of slow. Last week I started attending a class on qualitative data analysis softwares and it’s going really well. I go Monday and Wednesday nights and sit in a lab learning to use NVivo 8 and as of next week Altas.ti. I’m really enjoying this class. I love to learn how to use softwares and these particular ones will make my life, as a researcher, so much easier. The class runs for 5 weeks, two of which are done with already, time just seems to be flying by. At the end of this class I will have done most of my data analysis for work and will have had the experience to tackle my dissertation data once I have collected it. I can’t wait for that!

Besides class I’ve done some data analysis work for my work project at home. Tuesday, I decided I had had enough of the heat and went to work at Starbucks for a bit, which proved to be very productive. The AC wasn’t incredibly great, but it was cooler than my apartment. Ordering something to drink was a bit of a challenge though. Have you noticed the calories along side each drink? Who in their right mind would have a 500 cal coffee? I of course seem to always be thinking about my diet, calories, and my goal, so I had a fruit ice tea worth 60 cal, for $2 (?@!). I guess that’s what you pay to be able to sit there enjoying the AC and a little change of scenery.

Last night I had a dinner date with nice, cute guy #1. Nice, cute guy #2 seems to have drop off the face of the earth after our first date, so I’m guessing we can write him off now. Anyhow, it was my 5th date with nice, cute guy #1, and he invited me over for dinner, he was cooking. It went surprisingly well. The meal was good, home cooked and yummy. I brought a bottle of chilled pinot grigio to drink, and that was good too. The surprising part though, was that I had started to think that I was losing interest in this guy, I felt that the more I saw him, the less wowed I was, which seems to never be a good thing, but the conversation last night was good, flowing and relaxing. I think I’m liking him more now. Maybe it was that this was the first time, since the first date, in which we had a chance to really talk and share. The rest of the dates involved doing something (playing scrabble, listening to a band, watching a movie and listening to comedy), and while they were fun, I felt like I wasn’t really getting to know him. It’s obviously too soon to anticipate anything, so we’ll see what happens from here on. I’ll keep you posted.

*Update, Podolski just scored! YES!!!!! That’s 1-2 now. … A red card? What? Why?! That guy is sold!


8 responses to “Slow week, bad game, good date

  1. Sounds like you have lots of good things going on in your life. Nothing wrong with just trucking along. And watching a little futbol along the way! Keep us updated on your dates!

  2. Jen, Wow!!! Que guardadito te tenías ese secreto del nuevo dateeeeeee!!Pues me alegra mucho que puedas verlo con mucho mas animo, a veces hay que dejar la exigencia de lado y darle una oportunidad….Me alegra se la esten dando!!

  3. All good stuff! (Even bad games are better than no games at all.)

  4. YAY for cheering for Germany!!! I might come to NYC in a few weeks. If Not So Little Woman is still around, maybe we can meet up for a coffee or so! 🙂

  5. nilsa s. – : ) I will!nunu – : ) si, yo tambien creo que es buena idea dar oportunidades. Ya veremos como transcurre esto, por lo pronto todo bien : )justrun – true, very true!me – sure! We should meet indeed!!!

  6. Fabulous. Will keep you posted. 🙂

  7. Yo Jen, it sounds like you’re having a good time there, getting all those things in your life sorted. I hope the dates continue to go well, I found it really depends on the mood you’re in as well. maybe the more you share, the more he will – I can be a bit closed off sometimes so tell myself this too.x

  8. me – great!the sarjent – I think you’re right. I am a bit closed off in general and in this particular case I think I have been quite a lot. I am willing to give it s shot though, we’ll see, until know he’s turned out to be a really sweet guy.

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