Good Weekend

This was a good weekend. Regardless of the unbearable heat and the fact that I am a bit upset that Spring lasted a whole 3 weeks (what the @#$!? Why even bother calling it a season?), it was still a good time.

Friday, I finally got around watching Georgia Rule. I had had that DVD from netflix for over a month now. I liked it. The script wasn’t incredibly smart, but the relationships between mother-daughter were appealing to me. A bit sad the whole child-molestation bit, but I guess that was necessary to make it believable. After the movie I decided to head out for a stroll. I walked down the UES to 72nd St and bumped into a 50% sale at Bath and Body Works and got some goodies. I’m a sucker for pampering with great scents, so lotions, bubble bath and shower gels at discount prices? Yes, please! I passed by Pier 1 on my way back up and stopped to exchange something I had gotten in the wrong shade at Rite Aid. It was a nice stroll around, cool enough to walk without feeling I would melt, and nice to people watch as well.

Saturday, I went to Central Park. My friends Sebas and Meibel’s little girl Maya was turning five, and they had a birthday gathering for her at Great Hill. There was a piñata, of course:

and cake

and lots of family and friends

After the day in the sun I went back with my sis and her combo to their place for some catching up and Thai dinner from Charm. Alan, Maya’s cousin and Nick’s friend, came with us for a sleepover, those kids are so funny! Really, nothing like having a sit down dinner with a couple of nine year olds. Very entertaining!

Sunday, I realized the Euro Cup had started (after my dad called to inform me and ask if I was watching the games). So I watched the Austria-Croatia game. Austria lost… but to their defense they made it more times to the goal line and Croatia’s goal was product of a penalty. So there! I couldn’t watch the Germany-Poland game, which was the one I actually wanted to see because I went to meet my friend Jason at Madison Square Park for the BBQ Block Party food event. We had yummy pork ribs and sat in the park to enjoy them.

The heat was unbearable so we had to keep moving, preferably in the shade, to keep cool. We headed uptown because Jason had a work meeting and I wanted ice cream. We stopped at Pinkberry and had some very cool yogurt ice cream with strawberries, much needed!

Once I got home the first thing I did was take the second shower of the day and head to bed for a nap. This heat is really too much, but the weekend was a good one, in spite of it. Hope yours as too 🙂


10 responses to “Good Weekend

  1. I love pinatas. I am hoping we get one for Finn’s birthday. So what if he is only going to be two! 😉

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely! Despite the heat!!!

  3. sizzle – you’re never too young or too old for a pi~ata!nilsa s. – it was very nice : )

  4. BB-Q ribs? Did I hear something about ribs? Better than soccer anyday! 🙂

  5. Mi hermana se esta quejando de lo mismo, que la primavera duro nada y que ahora hace un calor que deberia hacer en agosto, yo me derrito y me callo la boca mejor porque hablar me hace tener mas calor….buenisimo tu fin de semana, se me antojo el pastel!!!

  6. buffalodickdy – I was thinking about you the whole time!pillo – anotese pues con el pastel!!! Si, el calor esta semana ha sido demasiado, gracias a Dios hoy amanecio mas fresco.

  7. Wow… talk about a fun filled, action packed time!! That sounds great. 🙂 I’m just sorry for the heat, it’s been awful!!!!

  8. wow, good for you for going out in this heat! i walked right past the bbq. couldn’t do it!! but i definitely would’ve enjoyed that pinata.

  9. Hola Jen! que lindo tu fin de semana…Apenas ahorita tengo internet desde el viernes pasado, ya con todo este alboroto de la mudanza ni sabia que día era hoy.. :(Por aquí también tuvimos ofertas en Bath & body work casi me da un infarto, pero no sabia de Pier1, ya voy a ver que veo por ahí…Y buenísimas las fotos gracias por montarlas no he visto nada de ese cumple, mi hermano Pepe estuvo ahí…Que hermosa esta tu sis, besitos!:)

  10. pinkpiddypaws – it was a good time, in spite of all the sweat and all ; )pinknest – oh, you would have loved it!clau – ay tyienes que ir a las ofertas, creo que estan como en mid-year sale o algo asi. Si, la pasamos rico en el cumple de la Mayita y me conto Meibel que tu hermano fue el puco esa foto de anta~o en el parque Los Chorros, buenisima!

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