Euro Cup!

The Euro Cup started yesterday people!!!!

To see the games on TV, here’s the schedule.

Yay futbol!!!!!


5 responses to “Euro Cup!

  1. Thanks for the reminder. My fiance will be stoked!

  2. Jen,Ni idea tenía de esto!!! Gracias!!!Felíz inicio de semana!!!

  3. Can’t wait to miss it! I actually took soccer in college, and coached soccer when my sons were little- but watching it doesn’t do it for me…..

  4. See?! One more thing in common: We are fútbol buffs. Heh! Case in point: Last night, while Argentina played (snoorrr, boring game)I watched as both Basil and the BF slept. SLEPT! The shame!

  5. nilsa s. – him and me both! : )nunu – : ) pues a ver esos partidos! Igual para ti, feliz semana!Buffalodickdy – you will be totally missing out!not so little woman – : ) we could cheer our teams together!

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