Need to forgive

“Trust, faith and forgiveness are the hardest things to learn”

I usually trust people. Unless I get that pitch feeling in my gut yelling “run!”, and then, I often do.

I have faith, I believe there is a reason, a purpose, and a way.

Forgiveness? Not my strength, never has been. I’m working on that right now.


6 responses to “Need to forgive

  1. I forgive people quite easily. I don’t trust hardly anybody…

  2. Wow – those are powerful attributes to hold. Kudos to you for working towards the trifecta!

  3. Who are you trying to forgive? Forgiveness for me is the hardest thing to come, it only comes after all the other emotions have had their turn, sadness, anger, hurt, anger again. But you know when you can forgive that you have accepted what happened and think that things happened that way for a reason. I hope you find it soon!

  4. I hear that! I think it’s the toughest virtue to master.

  5. I trust pretty easily, but once you lose my trust, watch out. Faith I don’t think you get by yourself, or just by setting your mind to it. There has to be heart in it. Forgiveness…I’ll call you when I figure that one out. 😦

  6. buffalodickdy – lucky you!nilsa s. – thanks, I think I’ll be working on this for a long time!the sarjent – I agree with you, I also think it’s a process which must be lived. I need to go through the emotional roller coaster of ups and downs before I can begin to think of forgiveness. Hopefully I’m close now.alissa – I agree.not so little woman – I’ll be waiting for that call! ; )

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