Woke me up this morning

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Friday, May 30, 2008 — 8:36 AM ET


Crane Collapses on Upper East Side of Manhattan

A crane toppled over and crashed into a building at East 91st Street and First Avenue this morning, according to witnesses and spectators. It was not immediately clear whether anyone had been injured or killed.

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This happened at 7:55 am this morning while I was waking up. It’s only two blocks from my building and I can see and hear all the commotion in the street through my window. Up until now 2 people have been found dead, one of them was the crane driver. The building across from the construction was completely trashed by the crane.


10 responses to “Woke me up this morning

  1. This construction crane was over 30 years old and is out of date!

  2. How sad and scary!

  3. I am glad you weren’t hurt, sorry to hear that people have died.My thoughts and prayers will be with them and their families.

  4. oh my gosh, that’s really scary. I hate to hear about random stuff like that in the city. Glad it wasn’t your building!!

  5. I echo Emily’s comment. So glad it isn’t you. I hate construction. So dangerous! And NY is getting way too many of those accidents. Hello, Inspectors!!

  6. Oh gosh … That sucks. It is so hard to hear things like this happening to people.

  7. Wow! Jen, me alegra que te encuentres bien….Que susto!!Un abrazo!!

  8. anonynous – yep, you can someone made a bad crane choice huh?sizzle – very! And the fact that it’s happened before doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. weekends off – thank you. The crane operator was a twenty something kid about to get married in a few weeks. Very sad. emily – I know, it makes you wonder if you might be next, right? Or at least that’s what I tend to think. I’m glad it wasn’t my building too!not so little woman – thank you! Yes, it’s going on everywhere now a days. Scary!justmetalking – I guess it’s part of life, but it is hard to deal with. I can’t imagine what the poor guy’s family is going through. nunu – gracias Nunu!

  9. que susto, que bueno q estas bien!!

  10. pillo – si vale, susto indeed! Gracias : )

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