This week? Better than I thought

I ended this week quite exhausted and thinking ALL I had done was work. I was actually a bit upset because I’m getting payed for 20 hours a week, and this week felt more like 85 with no increase at all in pay! Needless to say, I’m not happy about that.

But then I started thinking of all the other things I managed to do this week besides work, and came up with this pretty decent list. I did laundry, I went to the chiropractor, I got a much needed mani and pedi, I went to the supermarket and managed to cook lunch once (all other days ate out), visited my sister and her combo twice, posted in my blog every day (hadn’t done that in ages!), dropped off clothes at the cleaners, went out on a date, met with my dissertation seminar professor, accompanied my sister to the Dr (she had a procedure done), returned some clothes downtown, and didn’t miss my weekly tarot card class (barely, but still).

The only thing I didn’t manage to fit in to my work week was my regular once a week yoga class, but I’m going to do my very best to make it up tomorrow. So all in all, I would say, not that bad. Apparently, I can still work my tush off and manage to have a regular life. Take that work!


6 responses to “This week? Better than I thought

  1. Busy weeks make the time fly by, so you can enjoy the week-end!

  2. buffalodickdy – : ) and this weekend has been enjoyed!

  3. pareciera que a veces no nos pagan por el trabajo que hacemos sino por las oportunidades que tenemos de hacer cosas fuera del horario de trabajo. Eso compensa casi cualquier cosa, cierto?

  4. labani – que sabia! Me encanto eso de que no nos pagan por el trabajo que hacemos, si no mas bien por la posibildiad de hacer otras cosas ademas del trabajo! Gracias!!! : )

  5. you are a whirlwind!!

  6. pinknest – I hope I can sustain it ; )

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