Weighing In

Today it’s been a month and a week since I first started dieting. If you recall, I began at an exorbitant amount of 136.5 lbs and have been going down somewhat consistently. Some weeks it seems nothing is happening, but come Tuesday, my update day, I’m usually slimmer than the week before. This has been my weekly progress so far:

Week 1: 131 lbs (lost 5.5)

Week 2: 129 lbs (lost 2)

Week 3: 129 lbs (nothing happened)

Week 4: 128.5 lbs (lost .5 WTH?!)

Week 5: 127 lbs (lost 1.5)

As you can see some weeks have been very frustrating, while others were amazingly good. Week 1 is still puzzling to me. Maybe it was beginners luck? Maybe it was my body’s way of saying “Hooray! She finally heard me, lets give her some incentive here!” Don’t know, but by now I’m not expecting another week to produce a 5.5 reduction any more.

Now in terms of sizes, my size 6 pants are loose on me. Some to the point I really can’t wear them any more, but others are just very comfortable. My size 4 pants (this is the skinny jean category) zip up, but I look and feel like I’m wearing lycras, and who wants to relive the 80s, right?

My shirts and sweaters are much looser too. I think I’ve completely lost my cheeks though. Unfortunately my face slims down when I lose wait, which is not recommended while one’s aging. But hey, I’m closer than before to fitting into those jeans, and that’s the goal, so hooray! 9.5 lbs down, 5.5 to go!


7 responses to “Weighing In

  1. Yes. The 80s are nice, but I think they should be lived again through VH1’s “I love the 80s” and maybe -just maybe- a nice night in a retro club. Not in pants. Jejeje.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing great!

  3. Way to go girlfriend!!! Congrats on the loss so far!

  4. I always loose my boobs when I lose weight. 🙂 Congrats girlie! You are doing great. Oh.. and I actually DO want to relive the 80’s, but just the music parts..not the fashion. ha..ha..ha.. I saw some pants that went up to the boobs WITH attached suspenders and almost fell over with laughter. Talk about fashions that shouldn’t come back!

  5. not so little woman – I’m with you!buffalodickdy – I think I’m doing ok.weekends off – thanks! : )pinpiddypaws – mine tend to go too, in fact that’s why I got implants back when I lived in Vzla (everyone has implants there, it’s kind of the thing to do). I had lost so much weight my boobs had completely disappeared, but now I can lose weight and still stay proportionate.

  6. evitando el muffin top!!! felicidades Jen!!! sigue, sigue!

  7. lau – totalmente! Muffin top you’re going down! ; )

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