A two kid weekend

My sister and hubby were off to Sevilla, Spain for a long weekend to celebrate their anniversary and attend a friend’s wedding. Me? I was on aunt duty. I was with the kids from Thursday afternoon up until Sunday. Friday I had to work, but the nanny was on her regular schedule so that worked out fine. The weekend was all me though.

Saturday there was a Spring Fair at Nick’s school and he had arranged a play date with a classmate after it. Once we got to the school Nick hooked up with his friend and we lost him to the joys of rides, hair painting and prize games. So it was just me and Sophie for the rest of the afternoon. She went on an inflatable slide about 5 times, played golf twice, squirt ball about three times, and finished up at the playground.

We had a yummy lunch at Malecon and headed home for a very much needed nap. Sunday the forecast was afternoon rain, so after a quick breakfast and shower we headed to Central Park for a morning play.

We then headed home, not without piking up some pizza and ice cream for lunch. Ah, the joys of being of aunt and not having to worry about nutrition! ; )

We had a great time together, now I just need a prolonged nap and I’ll be up and about again!


6 responses to “A two kid weekend

  1. Sounds like a really lovely weekend … in Spain. I have such a love affair with that country. The weekend with your niece and nephew comes in a close second. 🙂

  2. You’re like super Auntie! 🙂

  3. Los sobris son lo máximo… ¡qué lindo fin de semana Jen!

  4. I’m tired from the weekend just reading about it!

  5. You sound like a fun adult to be with!! If my babysitter happens to leave I would sure give you a call!! I´m up for the pizza!!!

  6. nilsa s. – I also love Spain. The food, the people, the way of living, did I say the food?sizzle – : ) you mean super tired auntie? ; )mond – si son, verdad? : )emily – : ) well, you had your share last weekend too, didn’t you?nunu – call away! Pizza is on!!

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