Don’t really know what the deal is with my weight loss, but as you can see here I’ve hit some sort of plateau again.

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I weighed 127.5 there for a couple days, but went up to 128.5 again and have stayed there not budging. Ok, I haven’t been exercising more like I should be, but I’m not eating more either (exercising makes me hungry). So what’s the deal?

8 responses to “Plateauing

  1. I plateaued for about 3 weeks, changed things up (focused on energy-dense foods only) and lost 4. Our bodies are tricky and quite wack, for lack of a better word.

  2. Sometimes that just happens but it doesn’t usually stay like that forever, right? Don’t give up!

  3. es bastante más normal de lo que imaginas Jen, es en lo que el cuerpo se acostumbra a las nuevas instrucciones de alimentación!suerte y síguele que vas muy bien!!!

  4. If you are exercising you should stop losing weight. Dieting should make you lose fat and build more muscle which controls your metabolism. Muscles weighs more than fat. The scale is a bad way to measure your success since it doesn’t measure fat loss, just weight loss. Have your percentage body fat measured and keep track that way. Also muscle is a lot hungrier than fat and that will increase your appetite which is normal.

  5. I’d say that means you’ve hit your ideal weight! Of course, I always say that when I stop losing weight…

  6. Darling.. you are GORGEOUS and SEXY and AMAZING and if one itty bitty pound is getting you down then we need to talk. :)Remember what I keep saying.. you can fluctuate up to 5 pounds on one day..ONE DAY.. based on water retention alone.xoxxo

  7. You are discussing less than a 1% body weight variation- probably water, or food still digesting…

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