Hope your’s was Happy!

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! Mine was a good one, a good weekend all together. I didn’t work one bit, can you believe? That’s the first in a long time!

Saturday I slept in most all day. Literally, I was in PJs until around 5:00 pm when I decided I need to shower and head out for a walk. I had been in and out of bed throughout the day, doing some pleasure reading, both on and off the computer, and some very needed napping. Once I was out it felt good to feel the fresh air against my face as I walked toward the East River. I started feeling guilty for having “wasted” the day indoors when the weather was so nice out. But the guilt quickly vanished; I really needed to sleep.

Sunday I went for a girl’s outing with my sister and Sophie. We went to SoHo and strolled through the streets reminding me how much I love that place and making me ask myself why is it that I’m not down there more often. We saw street art, my favorite part, and went in and out every store which looked appealing, which was pretty much every single one. We tried on designer shows and looked at overpriced clothes and bags, and then went for lunch at Cafe Bima. Good, not wonderful, but filling.

Then it was ice cream time. Which was the soul reason Sophie was coerced in joining us. We went to Pinkberry and had yummy yogurt ice cream with strawberries. Delicious! As the weather got cooler we took a cab ride and headed uptown, back home. We then gathered with the boys and watched P.S. I love you (my second time), and loved it all over again. I liked this movie, although it is a tad sad, the music is great. I have the soundtrack.

Then I headed back to my place for a little girl chat with my friend Andrea and a little TV unwinding to say good night to a great weekend.

Hope your weekend was a good one too.


5 responses to “Hope your’s was Happy!

  1. That does sound like a nice weekend! Mine was good too!

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and that’s all that counts.

  3. Sounded nice and relaxing… Do they celebrate Mothers Day in your native country? Just wondered..

  4. weekends off – I’m glad you enjoyed it : )mike – : ) indeed. buffalodickdy – it was a great weekend. Yes, they do celebrate it, father’s day too.

  5. Mine was great too!! Though nobody wished me happy mother’s day… Guess I’m the only one who thinks I’m Basil’s mom…

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