Talking Food

I was reading Sizzle’s Seven Up just now and thought it would be nice to remind myself of all the foods I dislike. Being on a diet and all, it’s kind of nice to remind oneself what we are not missing out on, instead of focusing on all the glorious food we cannot have, right? Here goes:

Coffee, the smell, the taste, and anything that conveys that flavor.

Dark chocolate, a total waste of cocoa.

Shredded coconut, makes me gag.

Peanut butter, really, what were they thinking?

Paprika, especially on octopus, another total waste.

Nuts in sweets or chocolates, disgusting!

Anything so spicy it makes your tongue numb.

Raw vegetables, if they’re not drizzled with cream or cheese, it’s a no go.

Liver, yuk!

Callos…. double yuk!

Oatmeal, it reminds me of baby food.

Raisins, any dessert with them in it has gone bad.

Papaya, melon and guanabana, also make me gag.

Scotch and beer, pass!

Sweet and sour or barbecue sauces… ick.

My mom use to say I had the taste buds of a kid… I have evolved, but no wonder, huh?

On the diet front, things haven’t changed much. I feel slimmer, my clothes are much looser and yet the weight seems to be more or less the same. 128.5lbs is the lowest so far I have gone. Which means I have lost 8lbs in these past 3 weeks. Still 7 more to go.


18 responses to “Talking Food

  1. SO WITH YOU on dark chocolate. 🙂 Total waste. I am more of a milk chocolate girl.

  2. Your dislike of coconut, peanut butter, dark chocolate and nuts in sweets leaves more for me. Yay!

  3. me – so am I!sizzle – : ) glad I could help : )

  4. Algunas me gustan, otras no… el caso es que tengas bien identificados los alimentos que ti no te gusten, no te vayan a tomar por sorpresa, jajaja.

  5. Hahaha. This is like a reading a list of what I like.. Love the dark chocolate (milk, too sweet!!), coconut flakes, coffee…. And my breakfast every day? Papaya, followed by oatmeal. We’d be the perfect roommates, we’d never steal food off each other!!

  6. I think it’s against the law to not like dark chocolate and peanut butter!

  7. Ever have chocolate covered pop corn? Now thats nasty!

  8. I don’t know where you learned your math, but 8 lbs in 3 weeks is hardly “more or less the same.”And let me know if you have any dark chocolate lying around…..

  9. ¿Spicy? You could say that in Mexico and get a good kick in the butt, ha ha ha!! We can´t eat without a chile next to us!!Barbecue sauce and dark chocolate I agree, but peanut butter!!! My god!!!!

  10. Ugh, right there with you on coconut. Yick!

  11. I think I just died a little bit.. you don’t like coffee??? Oh the horror! THE HORROR!!!! 😉

  12. 8 pounds is an accomplishment! Good for you.

  13. The first four are four on my favorites. Especially the peanut butter– I could live on that stuff.

  14. Some of your hates, I was thinking, “Is she crazy – she must be joking – but, I love dark chocolate, especially when it’s mixed with nuts and peanut butter!” And then I reminded myself: More for me!Keep up the good work on your body. At some point, so long as you feel good, it shouldn’t matter what the scale says.

  15. Odio la crema de cacahuate, la odio, el dark chocolate me encanta y lo barbecue tambien..odio las pasas igual que tu y pienso que el raisin bran es lo peor que han inventado en el mundo…

  16. I agree on the liver, and sometimes about peanut butter (depending on my mood). But I have no idea what Callos is (are?)!

  17. Jen… te tenia abandonada como al resto de mis amigos Blogeros..:( pero cuando vuelvo seguro paso por aqui…Oye me has dejado loca con tu lista… :OPero bueno yo tambien hare la mia a ver que tal… si se sorprenden…En lo unico q te apoyo es en: peanut butter, que no es q lo odio solo que no lo tomo en cuenta para nada por mi no existe tiene muchas calorías y sabe guacala, el dark chocolate tampoco me gusta, y la papaya…Jejeje… un abrazo!:)

  18. mond – : )) exacto!not so little woman – we could be the perfect roommates!buffalodickdy – book me!misstressm – yuck!jason – I will indeed!nunu – I know, I know, but my tongue goes numb and then nothing tastes like anything any more.justrun- ick, right? pinkipiddypaws- can you believe?!emily – thanks! : ) I still have about 10 more to go, if I want to fit into those jeans!mollyelizabeth – I guess our personal flavor lies in our differences, right? ;)nilsa – thanks for stopping by. That’s the right attitude, more for you!!!pillo – pero mira pues todo lo que tenemos en comun!helen – Callos are a Spanish stew like concoction made out of the cow’s stomach (ick). It’s very flavorful, with spices, white beans and vegetables. I just can’t stand it. clau – : ) al parecer coincidimos en algunas cosas. Un beso.

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