Productivity and a Good Cause

My weekend was great. It started very early Saturday morning with going to Time Square to meet another 40.000 people who were joining in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women event.

There were really tons of people even in the cold, cloudy weather he had that day.

I met my friend Jason. He was going to run it, I of course, walked.

And the sweetest little girls who were walking for their relatives. One had a sign that read “Walking for the memory of my mom”, it broke my heart.

As the crowd grew bigger,

they shot out the confetti,

a little more, just in case we hadn’t had enough,

and off we were through Central Park

We hit the first mile mark and then the second.
I’m not sure why they were counting miles if it was suppose to be a 5K walk.

And then the finish line.

I walked it in a little over an hour.

After the walk there was a little fair, with goody bags, food and a lot of roaming around

A really great day!

After the event Jason and I walked to have brunch over at L’Alsace, which was really good, and I think the first restaurant I’ve been to since I started the diet three weeks ago. The he was off and I strolled to a street fair near by and got some incense. That afternoon I got home and took a well deserved nap, to then wake up to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and watch 27 Dresses, which was very cute.

Sunday was an early rise to work on the proposal revisions. After lunch the day turned sunny and warm, so it was off for a walk down the East River, shower, supermarket, dinner, finish and send revisions (hooray!!!) and TV night. All and all a great weekend!


10 responses to “Productivity and a Good Cause

  1. congrats on completing the walk!! looks like fun with all that confetti.

  2. Jen, me trae muchos recuerdos esa caminata… yo fui con Jac hace un año… y luego salí volando a México, ¿recuerdas?Un placer ver NY a través de ti.

  3. Very nice. Still don’t miss NY though.

  4. Jen,I loved the pictures!!! And you look so skinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!Un beso!!!

  5. What a great weekend!

  6. pinknest – thanks! It was fun regardless of the cold, I’m glad I did it.mond – verdad que es una nota? Que chevere poder compartir NYC contigo por aqui.mike – ah come on, I bet some days you do.nunu – are those eyes of love you’re looking at me with? ; )sizzle – : ) yay!

  7. A good workout for a great cause… Glad you had a good day!

  8. Whooohooo!! Se ve muy divertido. Qué día tan productivo

  9. Oh wow, look…I’m famous!! :)People there were in such a positive and happy mood..

  10. Wow q bueno estuvo esto…!Buenísimas fotos Jen como siempre!Oye me voy a alquilar esa peliculita q me gusta ese director…:D

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