Sister’s B-Day

Today is my sister’s birthday.
Let’s hear it for the girl!!!

It’s also Tuesday, diet update day. I hit a plateau. I had been weighing 130lbs for the past four days, until today that I weigh 129lbs. Nothing much was happening. I have been keeping track of my calorie intake and weight oscillation on Spark People (love this site, highly recommend it) and even have the graph to prove. Nothing much was happening. I think it could be a combination of things, but not sure actually why this happened, since I’ve been eating less than 1200 calories per day. Maybe it’s the mid day naps I take when I work from home. Maybe it’s the lack of exercising (besides yoga I’m doing nothing in that department). Or maybe it’s that I’m menstruating and bloated and feel like eating ice cream (Ah ice cream, remember that?) and probably retaining every single drop of water I drink. Don’t know for sure, but anyhow the update so far is that I’ve lost 7.5lbs in these two first weeks of dieting, and still have 7.5 lbs to go for the goal.


13 responses to “Sister’s B-Day

  1. Happy birthday to your sister! (assuming that she reads this…)Hmmm…I’m learning an awful lot about you through this diet of yours, Jen. 😉

  2. ¡Felicidades a tu hermana! Tarde, pero desde el corazón.

  3. Happy Bday to your sister Jen! and thank you sooooooo much for the site, I´m running there this very minute!Congratulations for the weight loss, it takes discipline!!

  4. joe – thanks (in her name) and yes, I figured after writing it it just might have been too much information. mond – gracias Ing, le dire.nunu – Thank you! Yes, it does take tons of discipline, determination and will-power, but once I decide something there’s no going back, so weight, be warned! ; ) The site is great isn’t it?not so little woman – thanks : )

  5. Happy B-day to your sis!I have just said goodbye to a plateau myself. They are so frustrating… but, in my case, I was not eating enough. Once I bumped up the intake just a little (with the right foods, of course) then things picked up again. This freaks me out because in my head, less food = better, not more. Need to get the eff over that and just do what my body needs. (Duh.)But, if it’s Aunt Flo time, all bets are off. That is just plain unpredictable.(Okay, end babble.)

  6. Happy Birthday sister…..and congrats on the weight loss.

  7. Happy Birthday to your sister.Sorry I have been lurking and not commenting.OH BTW, thank you so very much just registered on that website.Good luck with the diet. I am in the morbidity obese club!!!!

  8. Happy Bday to sis! Alot of times lowering caloric intake for weight loss results in your body thinking it’s starving, and metabolism slows down. Activity levels are the key…

  9. happy birthday to your sis!! and wow, you’re half-way there! congrats. and yes….that exercise department is definitely the key. absolutely! you can do it!

  10. justrun – really? up the intake? Who knew!? I’m with you, for me less is supposed to be better, but you’re right, our bodies know best.misstressm – thanks!!!SSC – thank you and no worries. I hope the site helps you as much as it’s helping me.buffalodickdy – you’re right , I need to start going to the gym again!pinknest – thanks! I can do it! I can, I can! (hear the music?) ; )

  11. I have a baby sister and I made her a necklace and she loved it and now she wants me to make her a ring

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