More revisions

Today (April 26th) I finally get an email from my sponsor:

” Dear Jen, Congratulations on successfully defending your proposal. After meeting with Professors B and K, the following revisions to the proposal will need to be made. They are substantial, but will not require an additional hearing…” and off she goes on with the methodological changes they now consider I need to do. Suggestions she calls them. Ha! just let me laugh out loud here for a bit.

Mind you, my defense hearing was March 12th, my revisions (the ones they told me at the defense I needed to do) were submitted on April 7th, but it’s not until now that they care to meet up and together decide what it is that needs fixing and let me in on it. Considerate, right?

For any of you that have been playing with the idea of going for a doctorate at the department of C&T at TC, one word for you: stop. It’s not worth it people, really it’s not. But since I didn’t have the inside scoop before deciding to get on this boat, I have no other choice than to keep on rowing. I will be damed if I don’t finish this @#$! thing.

So for the following week I will be immersed in more revisions, and hopefully this time they will not have forgotten to tell me just one more thing that needs to be changed before they sign off on my proposal.

Thank God I’m this Zen mode lately, with all the yoga, the meditation and the soul searching I’ve been doing. So I can see the silver lining, which is that after these revisions are done it will probably be a stronger proposal, and if not, at least it will be more to their liking and less problem inducing for me.

Patience Lord, please, a little more patience.


7 responses to “More revisions

  1. Just do what they want, and be done with them. They hold all the cards, and the quickest way out of the game is to let them win. You’ll have the rest of your life to do it your way…the right way…

  2. buffalodickdy – you read my mind. That’s exactly what I plan to do. There will be time for me to do and write whatever I want in the future, for now comply is the verb in my mind.

  3. Jen,Just breathe! All the meditation will help, in the end this will only make you stronger!!!!Muchos animos amiga!

  4. Hopefully you are not old and gray by the time you finish.

  5. That is so, so evil of them. Ugh at least once the changes are submitted you don’t have to deal with them again till you defend.

  6. Ay nena. Yo sé exactamente por lo que estás pasando. Deberíamos en serio sentarnos a hablar. De todos modos recuerda, esta es la última humillación antes de que te digan “colega” y son así… keep your eye on the goal line…

  7. nunu – that’s what I’m counting on, it making me stronger and hopefully wiser. mike – I sure wish so!the next fish – hopefully, hopefully. not so little woman – si deberiamos conversar en serio, pero lamentablemente esta no es la ultima humillacion, todavia me queda un poco mas de un a~o de esto y lamentablemente dudo que esta sea la ultima rabieta que pase.

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