Spring’s redemption

Ok, so today was a good Spring day. It was beautiful out there! I went out in a sleeveless top and at a point was even chilly. Now that is Spring!!! So happy : ) Here, enjoy Central Park as it was today:

People strolling

People riding

Petals falling

Trees blooming

Couples cuddling

Cleopatra’s Needle

There was even a little jazz going on

And the cuteness on a bench!


9 responses to “Spring’s redemption

  1. You and I both did the “photo post” today! This makes me want to go back to NYC! Beautiful pics!

  2. Now, this is a perfect NYC Spring Day. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Yesterday, we were on the channel to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven, MI on a glorious spring day…

  4. Yup, the day was pretty perfect. 🙂

  5. mike – it was dreamy!ungraceful girl – yep we did! And I want to go back to the beach!mond – it was perfect Ing, I’m glad you enjoyed it : )buffalodickdy – : ) sounds perfect too.not so little woman – it was indeed : )

  6. Aww, how perfect!Thanks for the photos– I needed to see something blooming already!

  7. justrun – : ) glad I could help.

  8. oh the cherry blossoms!!! i was thinking of going.

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