This is it!

Today is the day I say enough to wait gain! I started a diet this morning and I am giving myself 3 months to get ride of 15 lbs (roughly 7 kilos). These past two years in NYC have been about anxiety, not knowing exactly what awaits around the next corner (figuratively, although sometimes literally as well), and feeling quite out of my element professionally. All true, but at the end of the day, still excuses for indulging and emotional eating. Enough. I started today and will continue at it until the 15 of July, at which I will review my progress and determine if I need to keep at it.

I’m not doing Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig, or any other weight loss program because I really do not want to pay for this, and also because I know that I can do this on my own (I have done it before). I’ve been putting this off for too long, and now I want to take advantage of my newly acquired zen state of mind and just do it.

I am officially stating this here because I want you guys to testify to my determination and keep me honest and diligent about my goal.

Today’s weight was 136.5 lbs.
The goal is 121.5 lbs. (and to be able to fit into my skinny jeans again)

My weight tends to oscillate daily, but the goal is to have me be steady at 121 lbs or so for a sustained period of time. Here goes. I’ll update on Tuesdays. Wish me luck!


10 responses to “This is it!

  1. That’s great! Good luck. Although 136.5 seems a somewhat thin already. You can totally do it. I lost a bunch of weight recently. There is no secret: the bottom line was when I would crave, I would just think “Take the pain, Jarod! Take it!”Haha.

  2. Love the fact that you are making us your partners in this (I’ve done the same, remember?). I know you can do this, also because you are using a system that is in tune with who you are and what you like (no slaving with fad diets, no paying to Jenny).Basil and I can take you on our walks…

  3. Good luck Jen. Just remember the secret is eating enough and often.

  4. That explains the sad look on the faces of our local bakers, Jen.Good luck. If anyone can do it, you can.

  5. I am so happy I have a friend in this weight loss thing.

  6. It’s up to you. I think you’re a fine figure of a woman aleady!

  7. jarod – thanks! And yes, I will take the pain! ; )not so little woman – I would love to join in the walks! : )mike – Thanks! Although the secret for me is not eating!!joe – ah that’s why! I was wondering why they were so blue. Thanks for the encouragement.misstressm – we’re in it together!buffalodickdy – well you haven’t seen me in a bikini!

  8. Yo te hecjo muchas porras, el dejar de comer de verdad necesita un gran esfuerzo que da muy buenos resultados, mucha fuerza Jen..aplausos!!

  9. Good luck! You can do it!!!

  10. pillo – GRACIAS Pillito!!!weekends off – thank you, thank you!!

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