A meaning for 33:

“Many ascended masters surround you and assist you in all ways. They’ve come to help you with your mission and to answer your prayers. Tune to them now, and ask them any question you wish.”



9 responses to “Meaning?

  1. Very similar to the concept of kye rim which instructs one to view everyone around them as a deity and to interact with them accordingly. Of course, that is, I believe, meant to teach us to respect everyone but I suppose it applies to what you wrote as well.

  2. Joe – so you’re saying anyone around me could be a potential ascended master? I was somehow thinking these were more in the spiritual realm, the one we can’t easily see… no?

  3. why is 33 such an important number for you Jen? Is there a reason, is it lucky in Chinese or something? Just curious! x

  4. I’m thinking they’re on both the spiritual and physical realm.

  5. Just give me six winning lottery numbers, and I’ll believe!

  6. WOw… Jen plenty work…:)

  7. El 3 siempre es un numero de abundancia encanta a mi tambien..

  8. joe – you just might be right Joe.buffalodickdy – oh come on, there is no sure happiness with money.clau – mhmm ; )pillo – si verdad? A mi siempre me ha perseguido el 3.

  9. the sarjent – well, the number 3 has always followed me around throughout my life, but 33 in particular, and especially in the title of this blog, has to do with a palm reading I had ages ago.

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