Down the Spiritual Road

I feel like I have been on a spiritual quest all my life, but right now I am particularly in spiritual mode. I have been doing yoga weekly for some time now and this week (and probably next) I went twice. Today, I also explored Sahaja Yoga again. I had done this back in 2005 for some time, but then schedule constraints got in the way and I dropped it. This type is more so meditation than the physical yoga exercises I’ve been practicing. But it’s great for relaxing, centering oneself and letting go of the negativities.

Also I’ve been reading a lot, as usual, about spirituality, both for my dissertation and for the work I’m doing at CSS. I started meditating at nights now too. Concentrating and visualizing wants and questions I’m searching answers for. It’s all extremely interesting to me and the plus side is that it helps sleep more profoundly and relax much more while asleep.

I recently joined a website on spirituality from the UK, and have been chatting and corresponding with people there. I will soon start a tarot card course on line, which I’m very excited about. Since I took a course in 2003 back home, I haven’t studied it much more. I have practiced with the cards a lot in these past years, not recently, but on and of, and now to have a group with whom to discuss it with seems too good to be true!

I’ll let you know how things pan out, but for now I can tell you I am feeling more calm, centered, and relaxed than I have been in quit a while : ) How about you? What are you doing for your spirit these days?


6 responses to “Down the Spiritual Road

  1. Keep trying to make it to yoga each week, but I can’t seem to match it with my schedule.

  2. Yo he perdido mi centro y no sé por qué… supongo a veces pasa.Nunca he practicado yoga, pero a veces hago meditaciones frente a mi jardin zen portátil o frente a una vela. A veces en la madrugada cuando pierdo el sueño.Me alegra que te estés sintiendo mejor y que duermas, como decimos aquí, de corridito.Namasté.

  3. mike – it really is worth it if you can fit it in.labani – meditar siempre ayuda a centrarse, si te encuentras una clase de yoga por ahi, animate, a mi me resulta buenisimo. Y si, es muy bueno eso de dormir de corridito!

  4. I think I am doing things for my spirit, although I have to admit I haven’t opened a book on spirituality I bought. I guess I’m scared of facing certain things? But I will get there, I promise.

  5. Yoga tambien y bueno sigo estudiando kabbalah desde hace ya unos meses..cualquier camino que lleve a la espiritualidad está marcado por la Luz…enjoy!

  6. not so little woman – I think we are all a little scared of opening certain doors, but in regards to spirituality, I think they are usually worth it. pillo – kabbalah, que interesante! Cuentame mas!!!

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