Soul Mate

*This is my post #333 and thought it only to right for it to be related to the main purpose each and everyone of us has in life: To find our soul mate.

I heard recently “your soul mate is someone who knows things about you no one else knows, who sees things in you no one else sees”.

I read in Brida by Paulo Coelho that we can recognize our soul mate by the sparks in their eyes and by a light, a soul mate can only see in an altered state of mind, on top of their left shoulder.

There is a belief that every one of us has a soul mate roaming, out there somewhere. A person we are meant to meet at some point in our lives, someone we need to find, connect with. Some say the certainty of their existence is key to attracting them, so believing they are actually out there improves the odds of crossing their path.

Some advice I heard recently as well was “smile, you never know when you soul mate is looking”. I thought that was kind of cute and of course, it made me smile.

Do you believe you have a soul mate? Have you had the fortune of finding them? If so, how do you know? And how much time from meeting them had you the certainty that you had actually found them?

*Chinese symbol for soul mate


19 responses to “Soul Mate

  1. Interesting. I once read that God creates a man and woman together and places them on earth and that our whole lives are dedicated to the search for our “other half”. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it’s nice to think.

  2. Y estoy segura que encontrarás a tu alma gemela… pronto.

  3. I don’t necessarily believe in a soul mate, but I do believe there is a very small percentage of people you can fall head of heels for. The rest of the percentage you can just “sort of” fall for, but it won’t be that true, story-book love. To me, when people get caught up in love, the like to think they have found their soul-mate. Then if they break up it’s always “well, they weren’t ‘truly’ the soul-mate”. It’s a little too convenient. I think it’s more logical than that – you have fallen head-over heels, and that is great, but that doesn’t mean they are the ONLY one for you.

  4. I used to think of a soul mate (singular) quite often. But now, having come across so many remarkable people in life, I am more part of the we have lots of soul mates crowd. I know that’s not really the “true” definition, but it is true for me. Only one is a charming idea, but it’s so limiting.

  5. I don’t believe in soul-mates, it’s too limited. Perhaps for some people they only need that one special person – but everyone is so different! In my opinion you meet the right person for that time in your life. So everyone you meet can be a soul-mate in one way or another, they just appeal to different parts of your soul. The part that needs it at the time.That said my friend Anna is my soul-mate in a purely platonic way of course!! Big love. x

  6. Siempre he creido que tenemos un alma gemela, cuando estemos listas aparecerá, lo se en mi corazón…Me encantó el simbolo!!

  7. Ha! I’ve always liked Plato’s idea that we were split in two at the beginning of time and are always looking for our partner. I also read Brida and the things it says about the finding of the soulmate are interesting. I do, think, that the whole “finding out the shiny spot” thing is hard for us who don’t, uhm, do drugs (like they do in the book to get to the altered state, or am I wrong? It’s been a while since I read the book). At any rate, I do believe in souldmates, but I do believe that we can (like the book says) we could have more than one. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

  8. I don’t truly believe there is one perfect person out there for each of us but a part of me would like to believe that we can have a soul mate. Hopefully more than one.

  9. Hello!I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He’s the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:www.paulocoelhoblog.comHave a nice day!Aart

  10. I had a hard enough time finding someone who would just put up with me, much less a soul mate!

  11. I’ve always believed in Soul Mates, but I believe we have many of them and that you meet them at different times in your life. Happy 333!

  12. Joe – it is nice to think isn’t it?mond – Dios te oiga!jarod – true, they could be one of the ones for you, but you finding at least on of those ones.. what stroke of luck huh?justrun – I agree, I don’t think there’s just one, but for a person to be your true soul mate it takes a lot, and what would be the odds of finding several like that? I would be content to just find one. the sarjent – so you don’t believe in A soul mate, but several ones? This what Coehlo proposes in his novel. pillo – yo tambien creo que es cuestion de tiempo y sincronicidad. Lets keep hoping! not so little woman – there’s no mention of drugs whatsoever in Brida, it’s more so an altered sense of consciousness which allows them to see that bright light, something like the mental place we achieve when we meditate. And yes, he explains that there could be more than one, and we could meet several of them in the same life time. It’s interesting to say the least. sizzle – I don’t think a soul mate is perfect in any sense, if they are our other half, by no means are they perfect, right?aart hilal – thanks for the link, nice blog!buffalodickdy – : ) oh come on, you don’t feel she’s your soul mate?alissa – : ) thanks! I also have 333 friends in facebook today, so it all fits in nicely!

  13. Definitivamente si existe el alma gemela. Es cuestion de tiempo y llegara.Ese Kanji es hermoso.

  14. Jen,Mmm no estoy segura que exista, aunque dentro de mi quisiera que asi fuera, que en verdad existiera….lo deseo….Gracias por el post…no se porque pero habia esatdo meditando el asunto mucho tiempo…..

  15. lau – que asi sea!nunu – si verdad, yo creo que, como dice mi mama, la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde… o es el glamour? Anyway, hay que tener fe de que anda por ahi y solo tenemos que encontrarlo.

  16. Nope… I sure don’t. Soul Mate is like saying Mr. Right and I don’t believe there is that one perfect person out there for me. I think there are plenty of people, that with a little effort on both our parts, will enrich my life. The task is to find those people and get past all the petty dramas to find the deeper person hiding inside. The thing is.. a lot of people don’t want to work at a relationship. They want someone to be “perfect” for them right out of the box. That’s unrealistic and those people are destined for disappointment.Me.. I’m learning as I go and having a good time. :)Cheers Jen!Have a great weekend!

  17. Wow… What an interesting topic. I wonder about the whole soulmate/destiny thing sometimes. I wonder if I’ve already met him and then dismissed him, or was too busy doing something else that I didn’t pay attention to all the signs. I’m with a great guy, but sometimes I wonder if it’s really meant to be… Ah, who knows? Above all else, your post got me thinking… and that’s the whole idea, isn’t it?Hope all is well, Jen!

  18. They want someone to be “perfect” for them right out of the box. That’s unrealistic and those people are destined for disappointment.That sums up my ex nicely – thanks pinkpiddypaws, cheered me up! I wondered how to describe what he seemed to be looking for – none of this accepting and loving someone and seeing the similarities. He saw only the differences. C’est la vie (and good riddance I guess!)

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