A little CHEER me up!

I’ve been a little down lately. Ever since the defense something was cut loose, some sort of sadness, restlessness, and just plain discomfort, which truly had me in an odd mood oscillating between grouchiness – just plain mad at the world and numb – utterly unmotivated.

I did celebrate my proposal defense though. I thought it was only right to drink and cheer to something that had taken over a year to accomplish. So last Thursday I invited some friends over.

I bought some food,

some drinks,

some flowers,

and voila, we had a party!

It was fun and it did help me lift my spirits, but the following day discomfort hit me hard. After spending the entire day at home in my pjs, talking to loved ones on the phone, and sorting out what was actually bothering me, I realized I really needed to make a turn for the bright side.

At night I felt better, things kind of settled and I made a to-do list for the following day and organized what I needed to do work wise. Today I woke up motivated and ready to go. I worked all morning and got a lot of things done, which I could not even think of tackling yesterday.

I also gave myself a treat and walked over to the East River. I walked through the park and the boardwalk, until I found a perfect bench to sit on and contemplate life from. I connected with the water, the sun, the beautiful sky, and felt a thousand times better. More hopeful and happy. I came back home recharged and content. Things will be ok. I can do this. It will be over soon enough and there is light at the end of this tunnel. I will make it, I just need to walk over to that river more often, and if the sun keeps on shinning that would help too ; )


6 responses to “A little CHEER me up!

  1. Self-doubt is more common than you might think. You did a great presentation, and worked hard for approval- see where it goes… I pick up from your postings, it’s going to lead you home…

  2. Hope you are feeling better. I know for myself. Finding out what’s bothering me and then taking some action is always a recipe for feeling better.

  3. Jen,Me gusto esa forma de combatir la nostalgia…Escoger una banca y contemplar el mundo…..P.D. Lindas flores!Un abrazo muy grande….Animo!

  4. Que bueno que ya te sientes mejor, y celebrar los triunfos es genial, solo falta un escalón más jen, desde aca te hecho porras….

  5. you should see how beautifully the flowers blossomed!!! A good omen, a good one indeed!

  6. jen, hope you’re feeling better. and i’m glad you celebrated! fun! onward and upward.

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