Semana Santa – Puerto La Cruz

Ok, so I showed the Caracas bit of my Semana Santa trip back home. But what is Semana Santa without a visit to the beach? So here we go, the promised beach pictures.

The visit to Puerto La Cruz launched off with a visit to El Bulevard de la Empanada, where we had our share of empanadas de queso, pollo, mixtas, and cazon (a little shark found in Venezuela).

Everyone indulges

And poses


Do you want to try a bit?

Then through El Paseo Colon driving to La Marina

And we are off!

We went to La Piscina that first outing

There was ice cream this time too

And some snorkeling

That night we had dinner at Tio Pepe, delicious!

The next day we went to Puinare

Everyone and their mother was there

There was even a beach concert with Vos Veis, a Venezuelan pop group

And Er Conde del Guacharo made his appearance as well

We still had a good time

Dinner at Mango’s Cafe in Plaza Mayor that night

The next day we headed back to Caracas, not without the visit of some friends

The road back is quite picturesque, and of course we made our stops for goodies

And again, everyone and their mother was going back to the city

It took us about 6 hours to get back to Caracas, but it was definitely worth the trip!


11 responses to “Semana Santa – Puerto La Cruz

  1. What a great vacation! NY was exactly like that over Easter…erm…except that it was nothing at all like that.

  2. Someone is homesick…isnt she?

  3. Wow… Que rico Empanaadassss… mi debilidad!Que lindos dias la has pasado, buenisimas las fotos, las playitas, el paseo Colon se ve muy lindo y limpio.Las comidillas…Ya veo que la pasastes de maravillas como debe ser!:D

  4. Wow! What beautiful scenery! Looks like a great time-again…

  5. I love the photos and it makes me long for the sun! Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Se ve que la pasaron increíble. Nosotros también fuimos a la playa, y también comimos cazón…sólo que aquí lo hacen en “quesadillas”… mmmm…

  7. joe – always so funny!misstressm – mmm, maybe just a little.clau – la pase muy rico y las empanadas estaban buenisimas!buffalodickdy – it was much enjoyed!alissa – it was a great time, and yes the sun is much needed in these pastures.triple – cazon en quesadillas? mmm, nunca lo he probado.

  8. caray! Cada que tienes estos posts me entra a mí la extrañitis por mi hogar, dulce hogar… ¡Me alegra que te divirtieras tanto!

  9. quiero ir a la urgeee…que buenas vacaciones…

  10. quiero ir a la urgeee…que buenas vacaciones…

  11. not so little woman – es que hace falta ese calorcito de casa!pillo – si vale, hace falta la playita, ya basta con este invierno!

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