Semana Santa in Venezuela

I spent last week, which was Spring Break at TC and Semana Santa (Holy Week) in the rest of the world, in Venezuela. And here are the photos to prove it! ; )

The ride started at JFK

And ended at El Aeropuerto International de Maiquetia, my parents went to pick me up

The first thing on the agenda was a BBQ welcome home party, the entire family was invited!

First the sausages…

My dad was in charge

Then came the meat!

And the fish

Some ate inside

While others preferred al fresco

Can you tell I’m happy to be home?

My mom y mis padrinos

The Gang

The dynamic trio

Una orquidea, the Venezuelan national flower

Los Abuelitos

The guys

The girls

The reason I went home

And some kissing too!

Next on the agenda was an outing with some friends. You know Tom …

And now Meli and Cheo

There was some dancing

Some drinking

Some craziness

And some pointing

Beach pictures to come …


15 responses to “Semana Santa in Venezuela

  1. Awesome! What a fun-looking bunch!

  2. Jen,Me dio nostalgia….Me gustaria tambien volver a mi pais!Gracias por compartir!!

  3. You have a beautiful family! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I’m looking forward to the beach pics!!!

  4. Very nice. It must be really great to leave the country every once and a while.

  5. meat, fish, family, dancing!! this is my kind of party.

  6. que divertida te diste, ya volviste?

  7. ¡Qué horror! La parrillada me dio una nostalgia terrible… Me alegro que la pasaras tan bien. ¿Y qué onda con el Tom? Me gusta para tí…

  8. Como extrano a mi pais!

  9. Looked like you were very happy! Your Dad must be a good cook- he’s uses the same model grill I do!

  10. jarod – we can have our fun, that’s for sure.nunu – si vale, hace falta! Pero ya pronto Nunu, pronto.weekends off – thank you! : )mike – it is very relaxing.pinknest – next time you should come join!pillo – si, la pase chevere y ya estoy de regreso!not so little woman – Tom es un buen amigo, pero mas nada unfortunately. mr. poopie – si verdad?buffalodickdy – I was very, very happy. He’s a good griller, that’s as far as his cooking skills go ; )

  11. suena a vacaciones de ensueno!!! que rico es estar con la familia =)

  12. I think I’m a little in love with Tom. He always looks so fun and smiley – fantastic! x

  13. lau – si vale, la familia es lo maximo!the sarjent – I think I am little in love with him too ; ) just as a friend though.

  14. Que conscentida!..Se te ve la cara de felicidad cuando vas a casa ya se como se siente… diviiinooo!!

  15. clau – Si la verdad es que soy una consentidisima!

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