I’ve always had a special interets in hands. They seem mesmerizing to me. It seems as though by looking at them I can tell the person’s story. One of the first things I notice about the man I am out with are his hands, and if I like them, I take it as a good owmen.

I read this today: “It is the way men hold their hands, that gives them away. It is the way they hold their hands in unguarded moments that exposes their tenderness, their vulnerability, and gives you a glimpse of all the fragility they´ve been trying so hard to hide.” (p. 73) “Clearly there is magic in the hands…It is the way men hold their hands, that gives their secrets away.” (Schoemperlen, 1994, p. 75)


7 responses to “Hands

  1. ¡Amo las manos! A mi me parece que tu cita tiene razón… hay magia en las manos… mucha.

  2. Jen! Nunca crei que alguien mas tuviera esa pasion por las manos! Te juro, es lo primero en lo que me fijo cuando salgo con un hombre…Un beso enorme!Que buena frase!!!

  3. That’s a new one on me, I had never given it alot of thought..

  4. I love this. I’m such an observer and a thinker that I’m going to be watching hands a lot more today.Especially those of men, which is convenient because I like to look at men, too. 😉

  5. I enjoy hands too. When I’m massaging a person’s hands I often wonder what type of work they do, or what kinds of activities they enjoy. It’s a fun way to pass the time.

  6. Hands and butt. does it for me every time. I think you can tell a lot from a guys hands, and the butt? well that is just nice to look at. Good omen indeed :0) x

  7. mond – si, verdad? Hay magia!nunu – : ) que bueno que tenemos esto en comun!buffalodickdy – oh come on…just run – isn’t it just so convenient ? ; )mr poopie – I give a pretty good hand massage myself! Totally love hands, and so true, they do tell us so much about what a person does with their time.the sarjent – how could I have forgotten the butt!?

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