Just a bad day…

An hour and fifteen minutes! It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get to TC today. Have I mentioned how much I hate public transportation? Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for its existence, but does it have to be so damn slow? Now really MTA, can’t we do better than this? Can’t we?!

I got to TC at 10:45 am, 15 minutes after the talk I wanted to hear had started, to find the speaker well on his way and the door locked. What is a girl to do? Take a deep breath, tell herself, it’s just a bad day (hopefully morning), tomorrow will be better, and “you don’t even like the speaker guy anyway”. So off to the library it is to complain about it to the internet. Have you ever noticed how there are some people who never complain? Obviously, I am not one of those people, at least not today.

Anyhow, moving into a brighter note (trying to tap into my inner positiveness and thanking my lucky stars today is yoga day!), I submitted my two copies of the final proposal and 15 copies of the abstract to the seminar’s professor. I am now officially ready for my defense next week! Yay! Unofficially, I still have to prepare an outline of what I will be talking about in the 10 minutes I have, but I still have a week ahead of me, so I’m pretty confident that will get done by Friday.

Interesting (or is the right word annoying?) facts of this defense process: (1) the abstract, it’s called an abstract, but doesn’t really have an abstract in it, or the word abstract is anywhere to be found. (2) It’s called a defense, yet one of my second reader’s recommendations (I won’t get into this, because I think I’ll blow a fuse, yet again, if I retell the story in all its glory) was to not get defensive (apparently I am, I asked) and just nod, write down suggestions, and say “thank you, that’s a great idea, I’ll have to think about that…”

As you can probably tell, I have quite had it with all the academia bureaucracy crap, the patronizing, the stereotyping, and the lack of soul, and am more than ready to get out of this place. “God, just grant me a little more patience, just a little more please”.

Last night on my way home I stopped by the winery and bought three bottles. I headed home to make dinner, have a few glasses, into my pjs and off to bed by 10:30 pm (I usually can’t shut an eye before 12:30). Unfortunately, I woke up a couple hours before the alarm with a bad neck ache and couldn’t go back to sleep, at least not deeply. Also, I found out this morning from the headache I was carrying, one glass of wine to unwind would have been better than the half bottle I had.

Ok, enough complaining already! I’ll leave you with this (Daniel Powter – Bad Day), one of my favorite songs as of lately. Oh come on, at least it has a happy ending.


13 responses to “Just a bad day…

  1. Jen – the whole process sounds so painful. I’m only at the beginning and I hate it already. But at least you have a date scheduled for the defense and it will all be over soon!!

  2. One of the best songs ever! One of the best videos ever! SIGH

  3. How annoying! I hear ya, sistah. Hope things look up soon. 🙂

  4. I am not one of those people who can not complain, either. I catch myself doing it and then think, gee, I shouldn’t do this. But sometimes that does not stop me.

  5. vaya dia!! pero manana sera mejor, ya veras!!

  6. half a bottle, eh? i take it was a good one?

  7. You should have had the other half a bottle for breakfast- you would have still been late, but you wouldn’t have cared as much! 🙂

  8. Oh, Jen. I can sooo feel your pain about the dissertation and the defense… I’ve always felt that those “stepping stones” are just really a way to humilliate someone before professors can call you “colleague”. Hang in there, remember that these people don’t know the full you (and your wonderfulness), that they too, once started as students, and that this dissertation and all its steps are not a measure of how smart and professional you are. They’re only a part of the career process.

  9. That’s awesome about your defense – you can do it, and it will be great!

  10. Siempre sale el sol de nuevo, que tal la lección de paciencia cuando te toque defender tu tesis…mucha suerte Jen..

  11. ha..ha.ha.. I feel ya babe… either 1 glass or the whole damn bottle..but 1/2… that’s just asking for trouble. :)Glad you are tapping into your “positive” side.. it’s a good thing.Cheers!

  12. Hay días así… lo bueno es que son los menos!!!

  13. I love this song… ahhh…!:)

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