I’ve been thinking about kindness lately and being a good person, specifically to others. I started to realize that living in NYC for three years has taken its toll on me. I fear I’m not as nice as I use to be and I’m blaming it on my coping skills. This city can be very hard, with people from all walks of life with whom one is forced to interact on a daily basis, especially if one uses public transportation every day (!!!). When one has a car and drives everywhere, one can more or less stay in their social bubble and only interact with those one choses. That makes it much easier to be nice. Anyway, I received this today and thought, how appropriate!

Good friends are like stars.
You don’t always see them,
but you know they’re always there.

-source unknown, submitted magnetically!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

-Marcel Proust, submitted magnetically!

To often we underestimate
the power of a touch, a smile,
a kind word, a listening ear,
an honest compliment,
or the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential
to turn a life around.

-Leo Buscaglia, submitted magnetically!


5 responses to “Kindness

  1. Great quotes. I was surprised when coming to VA from NY how friendly the people were – it was like “what’s going ON here?”

  2. I’ve always lived in W. Michigan, and generally the people here are as friendly as you are to them.. Sometimes it does take awhile for them to warm up to you though…

  3. I agree. NYC has a way of giving a person an edge that didn’t exist before. I find that I’m a lot more assertive, and sometimes more agressive, than I ever was – or than I suspect would be if I lived/worked elsewhere.Always love to read whatever Leo Buscaglia has to say.

  4. My grandmother always tells me, “look for someone who is kind.” She means this for a partner, but I think it goes for everyone.

  5. Yeah it;s the living in the city that does it. now I’m living in a city and getting older with it, I have FAR less patience than I used to. And the things i used to think were ‘cute’ (i.e. the tube) now do my head in! I thank god I found I do actually like cycling, and my little brompton bike! Hope you feel better v- nice quotes. x

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