Design at its best

I had been wanting go to the MoMA to see the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition ever since I read about it in the NY Times. Today was the day I met with my friend J and saw it.

Sebas, if you haven’t been to see it yet, you have to go. You will love it!

The exhibit begins with the micro perspective of DNA, moves to the human scale, and then goes macro city and world wide. Somethings are just crazy, wishful thinking designs that (hopefully) will never be made. But others, are just breathtaking and incredibly creative! Check out some of my favorites:

A moving wall, which adapts (opening and closing) to which ever form is preferred.

Hand drawn furniture, that is digitalized by computers and then brought to life out of plastic. I just wondered if they came in other colors, maybe blue? Perhaps green?!

A light tree, which would let people know where you are, and in the background, a new on-line dating program, which had many fascinated by it’s very artsy and interactive interface. Drinks anyone?

Mini computers, part of the a computer for every child from MIT. Cute, light, and durable!

There was also a noise reducing (or was it absorbing?) ball, which I desperately need in my apartment, but there was not time to photograph it. We were escorted out, apparently they just needed to close the joint.


9 responses to “Design at its best

  1. Wow! I miss NY SO much…

  2. Whoa! I love it. I gotta get myself down there and see it…

  3. buffalodickdy – cool it is!mond – you can probably go see it when you come.not so little woman – you have to go, it’s awesome.

  4. Loved it!!!Love the pictures!!!Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. i read the reviews and couldn’t wait to see it either!! i want to see the meat of the future. 🙂

  6. Yo quiero la compu y la madrinola esa que elimina o absorbe(igual sirve) el ruido.

  7. nunu – I’m glad you liked it! : )pinknest – You have to go, it’s really good.lau – si verdad? Se ven super buenas.

  8. Chiiiiiisiiimooo!!:D

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