Too much of a not too good thing

I don’t know if I shared I started doing yoga at the university a few weeks ago. Well today was the second time I went and very much enjoyed it. I figured out karate, what I was doing before, is not for me once they started telling me I needed to cut my fingernails and participate in some strong one-on-one combat practice. It was very clear I was not going to put myself in a position to be physically injured or hurt someone else, and cut my nails and give up perfectly manicured hands, are you kidding me? It was just not for me. Now you see where my priorities lie, don’t you? So, I played around with my schedule and was able to fit in Wednesday yoga classes.

For some reason I have been madly into exercising this week and apparently at CSS they thought I needed a little more. Remember those jogging classes I had agreed to teach? Well, they found someone a couple weeks back, so I ended lucking out and only did one class. Yes, I was thrilled, when the principal told me I was off that hook, and in his word, didn’t have to do jogging ever again. But today after having gone to the gym both Monday and Tuesday and right after my yoga class (which is power yoga, and leaves me sweaty and achy), I walked into the school to find out they needed someone to jog. I immediately thought “ok, this is it, I will die now”.

You see, I am not an exercising fanatic. I don’t even like it to begin with. I do it because a- I have to to keep slim, b- because it’s good for my body and I can’t let laziness win, and c-because, ultimately, when it’s done, the endorfinas (how do you say this in English?) kick in and it makes me feel good (I like feeling good).

I did it. I jogged with the kids. At some point I just stood there counting laps, but I did my share too. I obviously didn’t know I would be jogging outside today, so I didn’t have enough layers on me and would freeze if I just stood there. I’m afraid though, tomorrow I will be regretting this. And tomorrow was a go-to-the-gym-for-cardio-AND-weights day… I guess we’ll see about that won’t we?


9 responses to “Too much of a not too good thing

  1. You should be proud of yourself! That’s great endurance to do so much physical fitness. I’m trying to motivate myself to, because it’s easier for me to be lazy. I always wanted to try a yoga class, maybe I will now.

  2. Endorphins. Not too far away from the Spanish.I love yoga, I used to do it almost every day for 2 years. Now I’ve stopped and I should go back!

  3. What if the yoga class suddenly breaks out into a violent riot? Then you would be glad to have Karate. Just saying.

  4. ja ja ja Jen!! Moria de la risa con lo de cortarse las u*as para el karate!!! Te imagine asi toda ruda…..I don’t think so right???En fin…..Buena suerte con el Yoga!! Me encantaaaaaa, solo que aca es carisismo £10 una clase….osea casi 20 dollares por 1 hora….upsss….pero tu que lo puedes tener pagalo!!!!

  5. I jogged for many years, until the parts started wearing out! It was a great stress reliever. Endorphins(our bodys’ natural pain-killers) kick in after about 1 hour of jogging(7-8 miles!) The “high” was amazing…

  6. El yoga es de las mejores cosas que me han pasado en la vida, es una filososfia hermosa, espero la sigas disfrutando así de rico..

  7. passionista – yoga is great, you should try it when you get the chance. Proud? Hmmm, I feel more like sore! ; )not so little woman – thanks, I looked the word up before, but for reason it didn’t come up. You should go back to it, it does wonder for the body, mind, and soul.jarod – : ) funny!nunu – yikes! caro alla el yoga no? Aqui me sale gratis en la univ, porque en un gym tambien son bastantes costosas las clases en NY.buffalodickdy – the high is worth the effort, isn’t it?pillo – si, es increible. Me alegra mucho que la haya reencontrado.mond – 🙂

  8. yo jamas me corte las uñas para el karate ni el tae kwon do ni el capoeira y las uso bastante largas =) desde secundaria!una cosa no esta peleada con la otra… eso si, la violencia no se hizo para mi…

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