I have a date!


No, not the I’ll meet you at Bar X at 9:30 pm type of date. But, the I will defend my dissertation proposal the 12th of March!! kind.

I am sooooo excited. This is finally happening. And it wasn’t easy. I tell you, this whole process has been as slow as it could possibly be. But my sponsor finally emailed Sunday morning, saying she had read my last draft (she had had it for over three weeks, and it wasn’t until last Wednesday when she said she would start reading it… the thing takes maximum 3 hours to read throughly…) and thought it was fine for it’s defense. She made a few comments here and there, nothing major, so I was free to talk to the professor running the seminar in which I need to present my proposal, to set a date and time.

My second reader, who has been incredibly understanding and supportive, had emailed me immediately after she received my sponsor’s email, saying to call her to match calendars and set a date. I did. We did. And then the stress started.

The seminar meets Wednesdays from 5 to 7, only. My second reader has class during those days at that time, of course. We wanted the 5th, it was taken. She couldn’t do it the 12th. I will be away the 19th. The 26th is AERA and they usually take this week off at TC, since everyone and their mother goes to this conference. So the next available date was the 6th of April.

That meant the rest of February and the entire month of March would be shot. My plan is to collect data at a public school setting, so I need to get this thing approved and going before the school year ends. You can imagine my disappointment. But then, a miracle happened.

My second person, who has been the greatest sport through this process, even having come to it late (remember my first second person past away), found someone to cover for her on the 12th. She sent me an email “12th of March confirmed!”. Needless to say, smiles rushed back to my face and I was happy again!

I wrote to the professor running the seminar with some questions but haven’t heard back yet. My sponsor, being on leave, is not coming to the defense, but she will be sending her questions. I don’t mind, I just want this step over with already so I can move on.

I have a date! Yay!!!


13 responses to “I have a date!

  1. Congratulations! I wish you lots of luck on your defense. I loved watching them when I was in college. Good for you.

  2. congrats!!! and good luck!! how tortuous if you had had to wait so long.

  3. Un poco más y llego para tu “date”… ¡qué emoción! ¡Felicdades Jen! Ya nos iremos a comer/cenar para que me cuentes.

  4. ¡¡Felicidades!! Qué emoción.Que Toda la sabiduría esté contigo ese día!!


  6. Felicidades Jen!! Todo lo que nos cuesta trabajo nos deja una mayor satisfacción, tal es el caso..que emoción!!! ese día prenderé mi velita blanca…

  7. Yeah! Congradulations. I’m a little slow to get it, but that’s great news.

  8. Jen,Mucha suerte!!! Aca estamos contigo, desde Londres pero estamos….Es un momento importante, prende todas tus velas y pide mucha luz…veras que te sigue….

  9. Good for you! I know you’ll do great! Best of Luck!

  10. THANK YOU ALL!!! You guys are so great, no wonder I’m hooked to the blog world. I will let you in all the details when the time comes. For now, send smart vibes my way while I prepare : )

  11. Congratulations!! I know how hard it is to get to that place. I’m sending you all my good vibes and more!

  12. YEEEEYYYY!!!! FELICIDADES!!!! AQUI TENEMOS TODOS LOS DEDITOS CRUZADOS!!!!Oh, wait. Someone already said that.Congratulations. Have you considered doing the reading at Bar X at 9:30 pm?

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