Eating a little too much

Yesterday was fun. I met my friends Ina and Joan at the lobby of Le Parkier Meridien for dinner. They had never been to Burger Joint and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I had been having a burger craving since Sunday, so you can just imagine how much I enjoyed it. After yummy burgers, fries and drinks, Ina asked “so where’s dessert?”. My kind of girl! Of course I had done my research just in case that question came up. Ina had declared Thursday “Gordita” Day, so I suggested Cold Stone Creamery. There’s one on 42nd St, so that was close enough and Our Strawberry Blonde was calling my name. We were off and had some decadent ice creams, and called it a night with a round of stomach aches. Can you blame us?

Today I had a lunch date with my favorite guy and nephew Nick. Nick has been complaining about not getting enough Special Nick Time, so I decided to invite him to lunch, just the two of us. He wanted Chinese, the kid is crazy about steamed dumplings. So we went to Empire Schezwan close to where he lives in the UWS. We had soup (miso and egg drop), dumplings, chicken with mushrooms, fried vegetable rice, spring rolls, cucumber and avocado rolls, and to top it all off, of course a fortune cookie each. We could have rolled back home! It was fun though, great conversation about affirmations and positive thoughts, how homework sucks and how it takes forever to get state test scores back in this town. I love that kid!

At night we ate again. I know, unbelievable. My dad flew in to NYC and was staying the night, on his way to Japan for work. My sister ordered Carmine’s because my dad loves Italian food. So we had lasagna and garlic bread for dinner, and then a strawberry short cake for dessert. I had a tummy ache my the time I got home, but it was all yummy as can be!

Ok, I think it’s time to hit the gym now, hard!


5 responses to “Eating a little too much

  1. It happens. There’s so much yumminess to eat here in NY!!

  2. You live in the best city in the world for diverse food!

  3. que delicia, salivé con los dumplings y con el pan de ajo..que ricooooooooo

  4. Mmmm.. pero puras delicias de verdad vale la pena romper con cuanta dieta halla por ahi… jejeje…:D

  5. wow, all indulgent! mmmm….burger joint. now i’m getting a burger craving, too.

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