Weekend Fun

Yesterday was an IFF day. One of those days when I wake up and I feel like crawling back into bed and staying there under the covers until everything has passed. But I know from experience those days don’t last, and tomorrow always brings sunshine back into my life. So here I am post-IFF and feeling much better.

This past weekend was a good one. Friday night I had a date with a guy with whom I had been chatting a lot the previous weeks. We met at a bar for drinks, and talked for a while. He’s smart, entertaining, funny, and great to talk to. One of those people you can talk to about mostly anything. Kind of surprising he was such good company, for a lawyer and all. He has a great body and keeps it well shaped, and smelled really nice. I’m big on scents. The down fall? Not that great of a face, and a little too short for my taste. I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too. “What the hell? Those are superficial things, physical aspects, why are you so picky?”

I tried, I really did. I even saw him again Sunday night for a movie. But it worked for a millisecond, and then it hit me. This will not work. I will always be looking to the sides for someone who I like more, and that will never amount to anything good. He still texts every day, so I haven’t quite come around to telling him this will be a no-go, I guess that will happen when/if he wants to get together again, and if not it will slowly fade away, like it usually does (I’ve been on the receiving end of this too, so I know how it works).

Saturday was girls night out. I met my friends at a Chinese place in the Upper West Side (UWS) called Silk Road Palace. The food was good, but the best part of this place, and the reason it’s pack to the gills, is that they serve free boxed white wine all night to their customers! Needless to say we had our share. From there we went to The Evelyn Lounge. Because this girls night out was dancing night!!! We had a blast. We got there early, right after dinner, so we didn’t even have to pay the cover, and scored a really nice table which we kept even after the crowds came hording in. The music was great, the drinks were good, and the dancing made us all break a sweat. A very good outing!

A good weekend. A very good one! Not all is IFF days in my world, that’s for sure! : )


13 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Ah those annoying physical quirks that we don’t like. I know I have in my head somewhere the limit to how broad a woman can be. Shallow or not it’s what makes me happy and that’s what matters to me.

  2. Don’t feel bad for discounting because of physical appearance. Some people underestimate how important attraction is and if you’re not attracted, it doesn’t fair well for the rest of the relationship. Good choice!

  3. Lo importante Jen es que lo estás intentando. No se trata de ver matrimonio en el primero, segundo, o tercero con el que sales. Sólo de conocer gente. Un beso.

  4. So that means your attracted to men who lack common scents?

  5. mike – it just doesn’t work with the physical attraction, does it?passionista – yep, I agree. mond – es asi, y en eso estoy!joe – : ) I guess so! Good one Joe! : )

  6. Millisecond Boy….I use (used them) as my target practice. If you know what I mean. Pick his brain, and at the same time keep him aware of the fact that there may not be an official you and him. You never know, he may teach you things about yourself that you never knew. As long as you dont use him in a negative way, its ok to do it.

  7. misstressm – Target practice huh? Interesting.

  8. Science has pretty much determined most people are attracted to certain physical attributes. In our politcally correct world, were not supposed to believe that, or say so! Neither does it mean you might not meet someone special that doesn’t fit the profile!

  9. Aww, too bad he wasn’t more your type, he sounded like a good guy overall. But, there has to be an attraction and if it isn’t there it just isn’t there. Don’t feel bad about it it doesn’t make you superficial. We all have characteristics we prefer and things we can’t accept.For me, it’s short men, or rather, men who are shorter than me. Or smaller in any way.I just can’t go there. No matter how nice.

  10. physical attraction has got to be there!oooh silk road!! i haven’t been there in AGES! what fun…

  11. At least you are trying! I am about to start too.Plus you have to have those ones you’re not so keen on to realise when it’s all back there again – attraction, liking them, and both wanting for it to go further.I keep meeting these guys I’m attracted to, but know from past experience that I don’t want to go there – they’re not going to be good for me.At least the attractions back, right?? Girls nights = ace – I have one tonight. Yay!!

  12. Funny you should mention the scents thing. I’m big into that. Is it because the latin boys we grew up (at least my friends) with are always fresh-smelling?I’ve struggled with the physical thing too. I can’t date guys who are shorter than I am…

  13. Yo siento que es super bueno que salgas y conozcas gente, aunque no sean tu proximo marido, ya conociste otro chico más…

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