It’s not going away

Rat Horoscope

You will have opportunities to get out and meet people. You’ll be making new friends, and some of you will even be meeting new love partners. You will be attractive, energetic and active, and your libido is very strong right now. There is nothing sexier than self-confidence!

Ya think?!


14 responses to “It’s not going away

  1. you were the one who was “seeing” sex in all the blog posts yesterday, weren’t you? 😉

  2. Could I have some of that? I need spring to arrive. STAT! 🙂

  3. Does the horoscope come with the guy to help with the libido?

  4. Jejeje… Yo no se como esta mi libido… pero de que es bueno ajustar el autoestima es bueno y necesario!:P

  5. Jen- If I didn’t know better…. Hope you meet someone soon!

  6. sizzle – yep, and it didn’t help one bit!alissa – I’m sending it your way right now!not so little woman – oh how I wish it did!clau – uy si que es necesario!!!buffalodickdy – I do too, believe me, I do too.

  7. Mine is pretty non-existent right now/ I need Spring to come and pep me up SOOOON! Glad you also had a sweet and good valentines day…it sounded perfect.

  8. pues entonces esta semana tendrás un date por lo menos..good luck!!

  9. Mmmmmm see if i were a man and I didnt like other men I would totally ravage you. But since I am not, and I like men, what I have learned is that Confidence is truly VERY sexy.MEOW!!!!! Purr baby!

  10. Sounds like a positive horoscope. Of course you could always wear a T-Shirt: “Available. Let’s Just Skip The BS!”

  11. the sarjent – Spring seems to have sprung on me without warning!pinknest – : )pillo – Dios te oiga!misstressm – Thank you doll, I know I can always count on you! I agree there’s nothing like confidence to spice things up. jarod – I like it! And it might just work!

  12. Horoscopes crack me up sometimes. I love how it actually means that you are horny but they came up with an articulate way to say it, lol.

  13. passionista – truly articulate! : )

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