Have you a little sex?

Is it just me, or is today ALL about sex?

It seems that every post I read had to do with a wild sexually charged Friday night date, a new toy in the bedroom, or how someone found the “magic finger” (I even got a video on Facebook about this one!).

What is it people? It’s not Spring yet! And here I am trying to concentrate and work a little on my research project. And all this sex talk? Not helping, NOT helping!


12 responses to “Have you a little sex?

  1. i must be reading the wrong blogs…

  2. Who? Definitely not me!

  3. ha ha ha Not me either!!! Cheers!!

  4. could it be only me?

  5. Well, you started it… Really, it seems I’ve seen more blogs posting on that subject, too…

  6. Everything is fucked up. I am chronically horny…No wild sexually charged Friday night date, new toy in the bedroom, or how “magic finger” in sight though…ArrrggghhhhhOK, you can go back concentrating on your research project now.

  7. I agree with this whole sex thing. I mean, I have a boyfriend and because of out-of-town guests and schedules I haven’t had sex in over a week. Blah.

  8. Jejejeje… Nooo I don’t have a little sex, for me is huge and plenary, asi sea una vez al mes…shhhh!!.. it’s a secret!:)

  9. Well, I was answering the question on title, haha!But I’m agree with you… not helping.I thought that you were talking about little sex, I don’t know what is that…?:P

  10. buffalodickdy – I knew it! It’s a conspiracy!dutchbith – you and me both! I’m starting to crawl up the walls here!not so little woman – you need not complain, he’s coming back, isn’t he?clau – lucky you!!! Enjoy!

  11. jajajajaja..como que la primavera llegó antes no?

  12. pillo – asi parece y sin aviso!

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