A charmed day

Yesterday was a charmed day, as all love-dedicated days should be. I did some work in the morning and by noon was heading out to take Sophie to her first ballet class. She looked adorable in her little pink leotard and tights, and all in all, she had a good time. At the end she came out of the class saying “I liked it!” all full of smiles.

So of course after that we had to go for some Valentine’s candy. On my way back, I decided to walk it. The day was so amazingly spectacular, that it had to be enjoyed. So I went for a stroll in Central Park, and walked all the way home.

I stopped by a little bookstore, one of those you don’t see all that often in the city. With all the Barnes & Nobles and Borders around, there seems to be a going out of business virus, for the independent bookstore. But this one, on Lex and 93rd St. is still standing and very charming. Walking a little closer to my street I bumped into Corner Bakery, and as I smiled a huge smile taking a look at their heart decorations, I had to go in.

I had been adamant not to eat sweats but how could I resist? I got a heart shaped cookie and a red velvet cup cake, see?

And was off home, to snuggle in bed with a good book. Ah, don’t you just love days like these?


13 responses to “A charmed day

  1. Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. Yes, it truly was an amazing day. I love days like that, when you do lots of things that are just so joy-inducing.

  3. I LOVE finding the little book stores whenever I can. I totally support them because it always reminds me of “The Shoppe Around the Corner” from “You’ve Got Mail”. 🙂

  4. a perfect day and OF COURSE the cookie and cupcake helped, yes yes. how cute!

  5. mond – pero si vienes pronto! Nada de snif!buffalodickdy – I sure did!not so little woman – : ) I love them too!pinkpiddypaws – This one totally reminded me of “You’ve got mail”!pinknest – perfect, perfect!

  6. I want a cupcake =(Love the pictures!

  7. nunu – I’ll have one waiting for you when you visit NYC!

  8. Awww – what a lovely day! I love perfect days!!

  9. clau – very : )randi – I love them too, there should be more of these!

  10. El amor es un sentimiento que abarca tantas cosas, los san valentines tambien son para disfrutarse solos con la compañia de uno mismo..que delicia de cup cake…

  11. pillo – vente y aqui te comes uno!

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