I have been doing stuff, both before getting sick and then during/after it as well. The thing is, I haven’t quite felt like writing about it.

I went to a Bill Cosby book talk. It was mostly about his new book called “Come on people: On the path from victims to victors”, but he was his usual charming, funny self as well. The message is simple, but inspiring. We need to recover family values and give our youth a sense of pride, to be able to better themselves in the future. Parental involvement is urgently needed, strong discipline and authority is required, and fathers are in demand. There is hope, but we need to start from the basics, and we need to start today.

I also went to see Atonement and Juno. Both good, and thought provoking in different ways. In Atonement I left with a feeling of sadness and thinking “now that wasn’t fair”, but also with a sense of possibilities that love could be that strong and last even through distance, war, and death.

Juno, also conveys faith in love, the kiddy kind, the first-time-love you feel while in school. It’s about making tough decisions and doing what is ultimately right for everyone. The music is excellent, highly recommend the soundtrack.

This weekend I went over to my friend’s Sebas and Meibell for home cooked paella. Sebas outdid himself and made an incredible paella with all the goodies in it. We had a little wine, a little dessert and a lot of fun conversation.

I’ve rested a lot, slept a lot, and read a little. I feel like I have the sparks of good ideas bouncing in my mind, but can’t seem to pin them down or get them out in any real remarkable fashion. I’ll be back when I have something interesting to share. In the mean time, my fortune cookie reads: “Sometimes even love shows a re-run.”, so there you have it.


16 responses to “Update

  1. I saw Atonement this weekend! And even though I had read the book and knew what was going to happen, I was still so sad. :(Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. atonement was so sad but beautiful too. the cinematography was breathtaking. and juno, just loved it’s realness. i still need to get the soundtrack. glad you are feeling better!

  3. I have followed Bill Cosby throughout his career- liking him and disliking him. I like his latest tack- it says things that are true for everyone- regardless of color!

  4. I love Paella!!! Is there any way you could send me some to London???ha ha haUn beso,Nunu

  5. emily – some stories are just sad I guess, it makes me appreciate mine a little more. Thanks, I am feeling much better now : )sizzle – I agree, the photography was incredible, the location, and that green dress!!! Yep, I need to get that soundtrack too. Thanks : )buffalodickdy – I came to like him through his TV shows, and mostly because my dad liked him and thought he was a good comedian. It’s only recently that I have encountered his more “serious” side.nunu – : ) I can always try.

  6. I like the fortune cookie thing. Very wise.

  7. ha..ha.ha.. I’ve avoided both of those movies because the critics love them so much. That usually means I’ll hate them. 🙂

  8. paella! fun. i hope it didn’t take multiple hours upon hours like mine did. haha.

  9. Sometimes even love shows a re-run?Ugh, I hope it’s selective. 🙂

  10. I’ve always loved Bill Cosby, how great that you got to see him! And I second your thoughts on Juno. Atonement is on my list! Glad you’re feeling better. You’ve been missed.

  11. I’ve had those blogging dry-spells. Nothing wrong with that! We all need a break sometimes. Glad you are better.

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing Atonement. I too like Bill Cosby’s message. Bloggers block…I get it now and then too.

  13. I hope you feel better!

  14. Ay pues ya te sientes super bien y con hambre eh..jejeje..reruns or no reruns love is always welcome..so good luck Jen!!

  15. Happy Valentine’s day!Me alegra mucho que estes disfrutando estos dias plenamente, y que bueno que se reunieron con los Delmont a comer Paellita ñamiii! Un abrazo!:D

  16. not so little woman, you know, I liked it too.pinkpiddypaws – you might be surprised. pinknest – you know we got there when they were about to serve, so I’m not really sure how much it took.justrun – now that I think about it, I hope so too!alissa – thank you, that’s so sweet : )passionista – yep, I think all I needed was a break and to get my mojo back. balou – yep, I think we all do now and then. I hope you like it, it is a bit sad.jarod – thanks!pillo – es asi, always welcome!clau – si vale, la pasamos de lo mas rico!

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