Take it like a bacteria, virus!

I know, I’ve been away, gone from the blog world for quite some time, but really up until today, in fact, up until a few hours ago, I was feeling like a truck had run me over. So not really in the mood for writing. Although I have to say, I know I had some good ideas between fevers, but I can’t seem to remember them now.

Anyway, since I’ve been cramped in my apartment trying to kick this thing, there has been no moving forward in the dating scene, so nothing to report there. Work wise, well, I haven’t been going, not being able to get up from bed and all, didn’t quite help much in that department either. It was just today that I ventured out to a meeting at the research center, and a stop visit to the CU Health Center. They of course, were of no help. It seems the only thing those people are good at is taking my money every semester.

Apparently, I have either a cold or a flu, neither of which is caused by a bacteria, meaning neither requires antibiotics to get rid of. So of course, they were not going to supply me with any. Lucky for me my sister had some she had brought back from Venezuela, where they actually do sell these over the counter, because there people are capable of determining when they need them and when they do not. So today, on my second day of antibiotics, which apparently are useless, and will not do anything for my viral condition, I am back again (sort of). Energy levels are slowly coming back, and I can somewhat hold a conversation without running out of breath.

You know, these US doctors told me the same thing when I got influenza back in 2000, and it wasn’t until I flew back home and Venezuelan doctors saw me, and gave me -yes, you guessed it! Antibiotics!!- that I started regaining life. I really thought I was dying then, but I’ve wised up since. It’s better to have a hidden stash than to have to fly home on a $1000 or more ticket to get some.

So, I’m not 100% A-ok yet, but I’m getting there. Not to the help of Tylenol Cold, rest, and lots of fluids, which is what they prescribed here. But thanks to, my new best friend, Azitromicina 500mg.

I’ll be back and blogging regularly in no time, promise!

12 responses to “Take it like a bacteria, virus!

  1. i’m glad you are on the mend. take good care!

  2. This is your punishment for loving the Giants so much.Kidding. :)Hope you are feeling better soon! 🙂 I loved our posts about your trip home!

  3. sizzle – thanks, I’m trying.me – : ) And I really didn’t even know who they were until Sunday, imagine what would have happen if I had been a real fan! I’m glad you enjoyed it ; )

  4. That has really hung on to you! Hope you feel better soon..

  5. Apparently 2008 is the Year of Disease. I’ve been battling something similar for almost a month now… so, this semester is off to a wonderful start. And my doctor did prescribe antibiotics but with the advice to wait a couple of days before starting them–just in case it was only viral. Long story short, I got much much worse over those two days, and I think I might have recovered a week ago if I had ignored his advice and started taking the antibiotics straight away.

  6. Get well.. we miss you!!! 🙂

  7. buffalodickdy – I think it thinks I’m giving things out for free here. But its luck is about to change!hadrian – apparently so! See? I don’t get it, why are they so reluctant to give people antibiotics when they obviously need them? Plus how on earth can they know for sure if one has a virus or a bacteria just by checking blood pressure and listening to breathing?pinkpiddypaws – I’m working on it!

  8. Oh muffin….feel better.

  9. bummer, you’ve been ill for ages. Hope you get well soon. What’s the weather been like there? It’s been beautiful here, sunny and lovely and springlike. You’d never know it was Feb!! Sending some sunshine your way..x

  10. I totally never got why physicans say that you can’t have antibiotics when you get a virus…antibiotics don’t KILL the germs, they boost your immune system so that it can fight better, which means that ANYTHING you have should be made better by antibiotics!Good for you for hiding a stash and I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

  11. Yo siempre le llevo a mi hermana porque allá nunca le dan aunque se esté muriendo…que bueno que ya estás mejor, te dejo un abrazo…

  12. misstressm – thanks! ; )the sarjent – thank you for that sunshine, it’s been terrible here weather wise, just today the sun decided to dignify us with it’s presence. randi – exactly my sentiments! Thanks!pillo – si, yo la verdad no se que es con estos medicos gringos y los antibioticos, cualquiera jura que son ilegales!

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