Nick, showing he cares

“You’re Sophie’s aunt, when she has kids, what will you be to them?”

“Their great-aunt.”

“That’s if you’re not married… Well, lets just hope you’re married by then. There’s still a lot of time, she’s only two.”


You gotta love that boy for worrying about my marital status… I had too much of a fever to answer, so I just nodded “yeah, lets just hope so”.


16 responses to “Nick, showing he cares

  1. she’s only two. Ha!hope you are feeling much much better.

  2. haha…fever comes in handy! who knew.

  3. I hope you feel better! How cute of him.

  4. Dang, kid knows how to give a pep talk. 🙂

  5. jajajajajajaaja un fueeeerte aplauso para Nick!! she’s only two! aun tienes tiempo Jen!! entonces, si te casas ya no seras tia-abuela de Sophie? =P

  6. Reading this made me feel old, but it’s at least more decent than my students telling me that “30 is the new 100”. By that standard, I’m 103.

  7. sizzle – : ) I am, thank you!pinknest – indeed!passionista – he’s a cutie!justrun – he’s an expert!lau – aparentemente, lo importante es que me case rapido, lo demas se vera luego. not so little woman – and I would be 105, not very fun, huh?misstressm – he is very cute.

  8. Kids say the darnedest things at the oddest times…

  9. Que belleza!!!! ja ja ja rei mucho con Nick!!!Gracias por compartir!Un abrazo fuerte!!P.D. Como sigues?

  10. ¡Qué genial! Y yo preocupada porque estoy soltera… mi sobri sólo tiene 3, todavía hay tiempo.Thanks Nick!

  11. Still, you could have rallied enough to punish him. ;-)Hope you’re feeling better.

  12. buffalodickdy – they do, don’t they!nunu – estoy mejor, gracias! Si, la verdad es que es un bello ese Nick. mond – aun hay tiempo, cero preocupaciones ; )joe – ; ) I am much better, thanks.

  13. que hermoso…y como los chicos sienten lo que no trae pensando…

  14. pillo – si, es un bello mi Nick!

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