Starting with a win!

Congrats Giants! Great Game!!!!

NY you rock!

And on that winning note, my Chinese takeout brought fortune cookies with it (too sick to cook), and my fortune read “Cleaning up the past will always clear up the future”. The key word was cucumber, so you can only imagine my thrill! ; )

Anyhow, I’ve been giving my dating hiatus some thought and I’m willing to get back on that horse. I said I would do so in January, but January was a bit busy with settling back in and all. So February it is, and February is here. So keep tuned in for dating adventures to come! (keep your fingers crossed people, I need all the positive vibes I can get!).

Of course, this will all commence after I get well again… I’m still here with a soar throat and coughing like I have nothing else to do. Ok, enough. I’m off to make some tea with honey. Enjoy your Monday!


14 responses to “Starting with a win!

  1. Mis mejores vibras van hacia NY. Verás que te llega alguien que te merece. Un abrazo.

  2. Yay! Me parece genial que empieces Febrero con una vibra positiva de éxito. Opino igual que Mond, ya verás como pronto llega quien te haga felíz y no pueda creer su suerte!

  3. mis mejores vibras para tu corazon y tu salud. De football mejor no hablamos porque yo le voy a los Cowboys aunque ya que no llegaron al superbowl… pues los Patriots eran mi apuesta.. Go Patriots, Go Cowboys! even after!!

  4. Ah, back on the dating scene. Can’t wait to read about the progress.Sorry to hear that you’re ill. Get well soon!I’ll send Eli and the boys over to nurse you back to health.

  5. My cousin is a hypnotherapist and she would always say what you think about you bring about. Its all about affirmations!!!!

  6. Hope you kick the flu bug you got!

  7. mond – gracias Ing! Dios te oiga!not so little woman – : ) Dios quiera!jarod – yay, go!lau – gracias lau. Bueno, unas se ganan y otras se pierden, es la ley de la vida no?joe – yeah, neither can I ; ). Thanks! This time I think I need all the healthy vibes I can get, I’m on day 3 and still feel crappy. But I think some of those boys you will be sending might just do the trick!ssc – thanks! I’ll check it out.buffalodickdy – right now he’s kicking me, but I’m not about to lose hope!

  8. ooh, feel better jen!! i send you healthy honey tea cucumber vibes!

  9. pinknest – I’m trying, really, I am. Thanks you, thank you.

  10. Yay Giants!! Wheeee!!!! I can’t WAIT to hear your stories.. mine are..well… actually I have some, but I’m not telling them. (gasp!) I know.. how awful of me! 😉

  11. Wow, dating adventures. I will just live vicariously, I think. 🙂

  12. Eesssooo!!… Hoooojuuu!!…Felicitaciones a New York!:D

  13. pinkpiddypaws – : ) and we are dying to her your stories!!!justrun – hmmm, I don’t know about that, the “living” hasn’t really started here, we’ll see. clau – si vale NYC esta que brinca en una pata de lo feliz!

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